In 2019, marketing people are all planning sports marketing in 2020 which suppose to have a series of sports competitions  As we went into 2020, the world seems to be out of the established track. All the sports including the Olympic Games, the Euro Cup, Chinese Super League, CBA have been postponed one after another. The five major leagues in Europe and the four major leagues in the United States have also announced the suspension of the games. However, the e-sports represented by KPL have taken the attention of sports events. To date, the content views of KPL events in 2020 have exceeded 25 billion.


1) Young but Promising Industry


Since its inception in 2016, KPL has only gone through four years. Whether it is in the fields of user demand mining, user consumption habits collection, cooperation methods, brand spirit interpretation, etc., KPL and partners have a lot of room for exploration. It is precisely because it is still in a period of rapid development, compared with traditional sports, the single-volume industry sponsorship price of e-sports is obviously lower.


2) Flexible Way of Branding and Product Seeding


As a native "resident" of the Internet, KPL is born with the flexibility to adapt and implement. The partners can choose the annual vertical category cooperation, and can also do some customized cooperation in certain events or nodes. Tencent has a multi-product three-dimensional ecology. Based on the sensitivity of Internet products to data, brands often can quite accurately depict the group portraits of target users in cooperation with KPL.


3) Localization Strategy Contributing Marketing


Due to the fact that in the past, the conditions for watching offline e-sports were less, and there was not enough offline e-sports content to provide the consumer market, the main viewing channels for events were mainly online. With the maturity of the event and the continuous expansion of the audience, offline viewing has become a strong demand for the audience. With the continuous advancement of localization, KPL has become a more unique, more honourable, and more popular event for users, which can provide KPL partners with more diverse marketing scenarios and more possible marketing content.


4) Policy: The era of universal e-sports is coming


E-sports was recognized as an official sports event by the General Administration of Sport as early as 2003, but from being misunderstood by the whole people to winning glory for the country, from niche culture to national awareness, from a ban on the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television in 2004, to CCTV broadcast in March this year The documentary "E-sports in China", with a gap of 16 years, e-sports has travelled a long and rugged road. Taking advantage of the policy and recognition of the broad audience, the development of e-sports has entered the fast lane.


In 2019, the scale of China's e-sports users has reached 470 million, the economic scale has exceeded 110 billion, and will continue to maintain a steady upward trend. The large and sustainable and healthy user scale and economic scale prove the huge market appeal of the e-sports industry and the ability to help upgrade consumption.