According to  2020 China Digital Marketing Trend Report. Mobile, Personalised targeting and Anti-fraud are still the three major trends in Chinese digital marketing.

Be More Mobile

Advertising investment is closely related to the current information environment. In the past few years, internet has undergone tremendous changes, and more and more advertisers have shifted their advertising focus from PC to mobile.

According to some forecasts, in 2020, the mobile terminal budget investment will increase by 75% compare to only 9% increase on desktop. However, subject to the influence of the macro economic environment, the growth trend of digital marketing will slow down compared to the last 3 years, but the absolute growth rate will be maintained relatively high, at about 14%.

With the penetration of the internet, information is no longer a scarce resource, consumers have become extremely well-informed, and the effectiveness of inter-personal communication is far greater than those Above-the-Line advertising. The era of precision digital marketing is coming toward us.

When user become the centre of data marketing, social media is naturally favoured by advertisers. Social marketing and own traffic pools are the most noteworthy forms of digital marketing in 2020. Whether on PC or mobile, social platforms have surpassed search engines and become the major focus of advertisers.

BeMore Personalised

According to data, from 2018 to the present, the number of new merchants on Taobao Live (livestreaming service by Taobao) has grown nearly three times. In 2018, there were 84 shops with a turnover of 50 million yuan guided by Taobao live stream platform, and another 23 shops achieved a turnover of over 100 million yuan.

Taobao ’s number 1 live streamer, Wei Ya, has amazing selling capability. In just two hours, the highest direct sales of a single live broadcast exceeded 267 million; the highest sales of a single product was 650,000; the highest sales of a single product reached 27 million yuan. The raising records are giving more and more confidence to the advertisers.

In 2020, Vlogs (self-made videos) / micro-films will still be the focus of advertisers, but data marketers will be more open to various media channels, for example focusing more on live streaming, gaming, live show, and online drama.

e-Sports gaming is one of the fastest growing industries today. As of the end of 2018, the total number of users in China's e-sports industry was about 428 million. The huge market attracted the attention of advertisers. At the opening of the 2019 LPL Summer Finals, Mercedes-Benz appeared in the form of AR and gained wide attention with the high traffic of the finals.

e-sports is just one aspect of personalized digital marketing. Faced with the pressure of economic growth, personalized solutions with fast conversion and low investment will become one of the most important development directions of digital marketing.

Anti-fraud challenges: 

On the other hand, the problem of low quality traffic in digital marketing has not been resolved. Poor advertising visibility and robotic traffic are still plaguing advertisers. How to use artificial intelligence technology to monitor advertising and filter those low quality traffic is still a challenge.


In the era of digital marketing, opportunities come quicker than ever and in the meantime, bubbles will also burst faster and ever. The forecast only provides another possibility in the future. Both advertisers and the media will face new challenges in 2020 with different play fields and rules.

Source: 2020 China Digital Marketing Trend Report (AdMaster, Miaozhen,GDMS)