Technically, connect the lead data generated on WeChat to the third-party platform or CRM is not a problem, but the challenge is to identify the sales leads from your WeChat followers.

Firstly, we need to clarify that WeChat refers to the WeChat official accounts (excluding Mini Programs), the sales leads refer to followers who have been binding with their real contact information, including the followers' head, nickname, gender, phone number, email and other info that has been collected by enterprises. A follower will be different because of business demands. The sales department wants to communicate with the follower directly by phone or email to create more sales opportunities. The marketing department wants to know what the follower is interested in, their use intentions, and whether the customer needs to be nurtured continuously at what stage.

Next, I will give some practical operation methods for the synchronous demand of sales leads and marketing leads respectively:

Solution 1: Webform  + excel import

This is the most traditional way. Enterprises adopt the unified landing page and guide WeChat followers to the web page to fill in information from pushed WeChat articles or official account menu. The marketers get the contact information of followers from the customer database and send them to the salesperson, or use Excel sheet to record and import into CRM to wait for sales automation. However, due to the lack of followers' relevant information, the marketers can not identify the followers corresponding to the sales lead, and can not start the nurturing efforts.

Advantage: no cost
Disadvantages: manual operation, unable to nurturing on WeChat

Solution 2: Webform + CRM synchronization + manual import WeChat followers

Based on Solution 1, the sales leads collected by the web pages are automatically synchronized to CRM to reduce the labour input. But the issue of how to matching sales leads with the same WeChat followers has remained.

Advantage: marketers don't have to synchronize leads manually
Disadvantages: can not execute the customers nurturing on WeChat

Solution 3: Webform + CRM + auto-sync WeChat followers 

Based on Solution 2, leverage Parllay WeChat-CRM to integrate the web page and CRM, and the followers still need to link to the web page from WeChat to leave their contact information. Parllay will record the information of followers, and synchronize the important information filled in by followers from the form on the web page with CRM. For followers, their experience will be the same as Solution  2, but the benefits are the marketers can smoothly and quickly find the corresponding followers from Parllay, and for the salesperson, not only can they see the contact information of the followers, but also the interaction behaviour of the followers on WeChat (such as QR code scanning, etc.)

Here, Parllay also provides two other 3rd-party synchronization solution :

1) Use the open API of Parllay WeChat-CRM, to integrate with your any 3rd-party systems, and obtain all information of WeChat followers synchronously;

2) Parllay WeChat-CRM has built-in integration with CRM such as Hubspot. Marketers can directly view various information of the followers in Parllay and CRM, it's a feature that comes with Parllay-WeChat CRM Enterprise version and without any additional development efforts.

Advantage: follower identification and leads synchronization are completed automatically without manual work
Disadvantages: using the solution proposed in 3 (1) requires your technical team to do some technical work based on Parllay’s API;

Solution 4: Sync WeChat private with CRM

This method is the most popular and the best for the customer experience. Customers only need to leave their phone number or email address directly in your WeChat official account, then Parllay WeChat-CRM can directly synchronize all the followers' information to CRM.