When we do Wechat operation, marketers always encounter many problems. This article summarizes the six indicators that Wechat marketing must achieve, which can help Wechat marketers improve the advertising effect and achieve a better conversion rate.


WeChat marketing must achieve six indicators, which includes browsing rate, interaction rate, impression rate, attention, activity and loyalty.


How to increase the browsing rate


The so-called Wechat browsing rate can be simply understood as the number of visits or visits to your Wechat account. We know that the higher the number of Wechat visitors, the better the user experience, the stronger the stickiness, the higher the value of WeChat account. So, how to improve Wechat browsing?


Addressing needs: Here is mainly to provide valuable information for users. The so-called value is to solve the current needs of users. The more professional and comprehensive the content is, the more likely it will attract users' click-through rate and increase the browsing volume. If you just copy other people's information, after a long time, the viewer will stop subscribing to your account because of boredom.


Keyword reply: According to the specified keywords of the user's reply, the content should be planned. In addition, there are not many functions on WeChat public platform, which is far from enough for an official account that needs more reply. Functions can be developed according to their actual needs, such as automatic response menu, keyword quick reply, sending coupons and other functions are very important functions in Wechat operation, which can improve user experience and enhance user stickiness.


The page design should be simple and clear: Wechat should be simple and clear. It is said that Wechat columns should be refined and navigation should be clear. Doing these basic works well is the key to facilitate users to quickly search for content. It is suggested to use reasonable pagination lines to facilitate users to browse because too much content will cause users to watch fatigue and greatly reduce the user experience.


How to increase the interaction rate


Since we know that Wechat marketing focuses on interaction, how to increase Wechat interaction?


gather opinions: Collect fan feedback, list options, let users choose, and do a good classification, send different content according to different groups.


Fun test: Use some fun tests to attract customers, such as constellation, skincare, love matching, etc. Keep in mind here that the store's promotion information is attached at the end of the auto-reply message after the user submits the option.


To sum up, to increase the interaction rate, we must learn to plan and organize some interesting interactive activities. The interaction form must be concise, the threshold of user participation should be low, too complex or too wordy will only make people lose enthusiasm for participation.


How to increase the impression


If WeChat wants to do a good job of promotion, the exposure rate of information is a very important factor, because only when others can see you can they possibly pay attention to you. In addition, through the Wechat public platform, the content can be quickly and correctly sent to relevant users', with an arrival rate of almost 100%, so the customer conversion rate is very high. But to know that information arrival rate and exposure rate are two different things, how to increase the exposure rate?


The usual practice is to promote in Baidu Tieba, Baidu Space, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc., or use print media, mail, website, online store or other ways to promote. In addition, there are other promotion methods such as a forum, friend sharing and so on.


Keywords: The keyword here is actually the name of the Wechat public account. We usually have a habit of looking for the official account number in the search for public numbers. For example, if users search for "mattress", if they can find your account in the first time, your exposure will be greatly improved. In addition, you should also use your own product keywords, such as the title of a product name when publishing product pictures. In this way, when forwarding, others will know which enterprise's products are, and then leave a deep impression.


How to increase attention


High-quality content: only high-quality content can attract the audience to gather around it. If there is no interesting content, no matter how to promote it will not be useful. So you have to decide for yourself what kind of content to offer to attract the audience.


Use free resources: for example, use QQ space, Friend network, Sina Weibo, etc.


Using QR code to attract users' attention: Wechat QR code takes information as a picture, and users only need to scan the QR code to know the information meaning in the picture. From personal information to company information, from train tickets to boarding passes, from coupons to membership cards, today's two-dimensional code has covered people's clothing, food, housing and transportation information, which users can easily obtain or share with friends through mobile Wechat.


How to increase activity


Social contact and data analysis: classmates, colleagues, blind dates, headhunters, making friends, etc., each kind of social relationship has marketing nature. We should use social elements and data analysis to improve the fans' cognitive value of Wechat, so as to greatly enhance the fans' sense of participation and activity.


Forwarding and activities: the activity is increased by forwarding fans' articles or their own articles, online and offline activities (answering questions, participating in lottery activities; offline salon), lottery, interaction (forwarding the personal opinions of the industry's large-scale), topics (throwing out controversial topics, leading to several views), private chat, wonderful content, voting, sharing data, etc. It is suggested to hold a regular discussion on hot topics, forward with awards, and make a message with a third party to offer love activities.


Accurate post: first of all, we should understand whether the user will click on a push message, which mainly depends on the content of the push. Only when the push content information is what the customer really needs, and the customer really opens it and gets what he really needs in it, can the push be meaningful. The next step is to master the time point of push and try to choose the entertainment time of users at 7-8 o'clock in the evening.


Location-based service function of Wechat: as long as you click the "location" function in your location and send it, you can receive the location, pictures and promotion information of stores from near to far. The positioning function can help realize the transaction of local life services. As long as users enter the area near the merchants, they can receive product and promotion information, which makes WeChat a community. This is also helpful to increase the user's activity.


How to increase loyalty


The so-called customer loyalty refers to the degree of customer loyalty. True member loyalty (customer loyalty) is a kind of behaviour, while customer satisfaction is just an attitude. According to statistics, when the ratio of retaining customers increases by 5%, the profit can be increased by 25% - 100%. So how to increase customer loyalty?


Customer segmentation: we know that the value of official account number 80% comes from 20% of users. Different customers have different values for official account numbers, some of which bring long-term value to the official account. This requires an official account to be able to track users and subdivide users, provide targeted products and services according to the value of users. Therefore, we should focus on 20% - 30% of high-value users when we implement the customer loyalty program.


Satisfaction: loyal users pay more attention to the intrinsic value of products. If WeChat has a loyal user group, it can save the marketing cost and service cost of acquiring new users. Therefore, the official account can bring new users if it satisfies users.




A successful Wechat marketing strategy must start from the six aspects of browsing rate, interaction rate, impression rate, attention, activity and loyalty, and comprehensively consider the specific strategies required by each dimension, so as to effectively enhance the attention and realize transformation.