What is WeChat Official Account migration?

The official account does not support direct change. The public platform introduces WeChat OA (official account) migration function, through which followers, violation records, posts/articles/documents (optional) and WeChat (optional) of account a can be migrated to another WeChat OA.

For example, when account a is migrated from A to B, the migration is completed, account a is recycled, and the followers of account a obtained by account B continue to use the information, but the subject is still B.

Account migration only migrates followers, illegal records, article materials and wechat. If account a has the original protection function and message management function, the function will also be migrated (original logo and selected messages of original account articles will be migrated), and other contents and functions cannot be migrated (including wechat payment, traffic master, template message, etc.).

After the migration of followers, the old account will be recycled and cannot be recovered. Therefore, please make sure that the functions of the old account can be directly disabled or transferred before the migration.

Notarization Letter for WeChat OA Migration 

Notarization means the two parties to the official account at the scene of the notarization office sign the "WeChat Official Account migration letter", which is notarized by the notary office notary.

Documents to be submitted: (the required materials shall be subject to the requirements of local notaries, which may vary from place to place)

1. Business license or organization code card, official seal, legal person id card of both sides of account (if the legal person does not arrive at the site, the power of attorney shall be provided);

2. Notarization letter of WeChat official account. Download from WeChat account during the migration process (see sample template here )

Some important things for notarization:

1, Please check the information in the application letter of WeChat official account before notarization, so as to ensure that the information is correct. It includes the original ID of the official account, the identity card information of the account manager, the full name and date of the subject.

2. The letter of transfer is two pages, both parties are requested to affix the seal of perforation;

3, If there is a company name change, please make sure that Industrial and commercial bureau had changed the company name first, then launch the notarization of migration.

4. If it is found that the information of the notarial certificate is wrong after notarization, it is recommended to contact the notary office in time for verification and handling.


Q: Do i have to be notarized at local?

A: Not required, the notarial certificate issued by a notarial institution with legal effect can be accepted.

Q: Do you support lawyer witness?

A: Lawyer witness is not supported for the time being.

Q: What is the main content of notarization?

A: Notarization of seal. The notary office notarizes the fact that both parties affix their seals. The notary office verifies that both parties of the relocation voluntarily present and affix their official seals in an official letter. The official seals are correct.

Q: Consulting notary office, said there is no notarization of official letters?

A: The user has successfully notarized the official letter. If some notary offices say that they are unable to provide notarization, it is suggested to change the notary office.

Q: How much does notarization cost?

A: The standards of fees vary from Notary Office to notary office, and the fees may vary from dozens to hundreds. Subject to the offer of the notary.

Q: Is there a template for the notarial certificate?

A: The notarial certificate shall be issued by the notary office, and the template of the notarial certificate shall not be carried by the notary office.

Q: notarization office requires the certificate of the official account number to be issued.

A: please provide the official account information page (path: login account > Settings > official account > main body information) for verification. The account subject displayed in the background of the public is the obligee of the account.

Q: How to notarize the cancellation of the original account subject and what information is needed?

A: The cancellation of account principal requires different conditions. You can refer to the following information:

1. The business license is revoked, the business license is ordered to close down or the business license is revoked according to law - it is an administrative penalty and does not support relocation;

2. Cancellation due to other reasons. If it is necessary to transfer the account, all members of the liquidation group shall sign or seal the application letter, and issue a letter of explanation to explain the ownership of the account, and all members shall agree to transfer the account to the new subject. The letter of instruction needs to be notarized (there is no template for the letter of instruction).

-(1) Limited liability company: the liquidation group is all shareholders;

-(2) Company limited by shares: the liquidation group shall be all directors or persons designated by the general meeting of shareholders;

-(3) Companies liquidated due to bankruptcy: all managers appointed by the people's Court (listed in the civil ruling);

-(4) Self employed: operator;

3. In case that the original account entity and the target account entity are merged and absorbed and cancelled, they can submit relevant merger certificates and support migration (without notarization requirements);

4. In case of branch company's deregistration and relocation to the head office, proof of relationship shall be provided to support the relocation (no notarization requirements).

Q: the original account was in a personal official account type. The background only shows part of the main information. How does the notary office confirm the official account?

A: you can pay attention to our official WeChat public number "mphelper". Click the bottom menu bar, bind query, select the ID card binding account, check the official account number associated with the ID card, and show the official account information to the notary office staff.

Q: What can be done without notarization?

A: 1. If the account number of both parties is the same subject, it can not be notarized (i.e. the same company or institution). Note: the same legal person of different companies still needs notarization);

2. If the personal type is transferred to the enterprise type, the subject of the personal account is the subject legal person of the enterprise type account, which can not be notarized (it is necessary to provide the information of the legal person's ID card and the pictures of the front and back sides of the ID card, and hold the pictures of the ID card at the place where the notarization materials are uploaded);

3. If a branch company moves to the head office, it may not be notarized; (Note: if a head office moves to a branch company or a branch company moves to a branch company, it still needs to submit notarization);

4. If the subsidiary is transferred to the parent company, if the parent company holds 100% of the shares, notarization is not required; if the parent company does not hold 100% of the shares, notarization materials of public letter shall be submitted (Note: if the parent company is transferred to the subsidiary company or the subsidiary company is transferred to the subsidiary company, notarization still needs to be submitted).

5. The government type, but the account subject type of both parties must be the type of organ unit; public institutions or other types of organizations need to be notarized.

Tip: if it meets the situation that notarization is not required, the application letter can be uploaded again at the upload Office of notarization when applying for relocation.