What is Baidu Advertising? 

First of all, Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. Baidu Advertising is an online marketing service that allows a business to promote their brands/products/services by paying a certain fee to Baidu. With Baidu's over 80% of China's search engine market share and 600,000 partner websites, it has created an advertising supply and demand platform for hundreds of millions of internet users and businesses. Users can find products and services that are suitable for the most conveniently via Baidu ads. The companies can get a large number of potential customers with a small investment on Baidu, and also effectively enhance brand awareness.

How does Baidu Advertising bring me the customers?

When there is demand from internet users, Baidu promotes the ads on Baidu search pages or on Baidu display network (600,000 partner websites), brings customers to your website, connects your brand with customers and finally to achieve your marketing or sales targets.

Where will the Baidu adverts appear?

When the enterprise advert is highly consistent with the needs of internet users, it will be displayed in three ad forms on the Baidu search results page:

Baidu ad on the left (top & bottom)
Baidu ad on the top-left
Baidu ad on the right

*Where the Baidu ad appearing is determined by the combination of bidding and ad quality score. The ads with high-quality and highly-matched towards internet users' search query will be displayed on the left side of the home page first, and the remaining ads will be displayed on the lower positions and the right side of the page. Talk to our Baidu Advertising experts or account managers will provide intimate professional services to help you improve quality and achieve the best promotion results.

What are the advantages of Baidu Advertising?

  • Covering 95% of Chinese internet users - The world's largest Chinese search engine responds to billions of requests per day.
  • Cost-effective Pay by click pricing model - no clicks, no cost. Free display of adverts meaning only pay when the customer clicks on the advert.
  • Preciously targeting customers with their demands - Use keywords to target customers, plus additional user targeting through geo-locations, devices and times, you can accurately reach customers based on their needs.
  • Self-service platform with the flexibility and full budget control - Based on your requirement, you can set up a budget on geo-location, device and time on delivery, you can also manage daily, the weekly maximum budget of each campaign or the whole account.

How much does Baidu need to open an account for the first time?

Baidu adverting platform runs as a pre-paid mechanism. 

For the first time when creating a Baidu Ad account as an advertiser, you only need to pay the initial fund of 6,000 yuan (USD$1000) to start. The service fee is 1,000 yuan/year (The initial fund deposit requirement and service fee may vary depending on your region. The cost of ad click is transparent and determined by the advertisers.)

After the Baidu ad service account is created, the advertisers can select the keywords on their own and set up the campaign. When the search user clicks on the advert to access the advertiser's website, the platform will charge the click-through fee from the deposited fund. The price per click is determined by the advertiser. The actual expenses are fully controlled by the advertisers independently by adjusting the budget in the platform.

Once the fund runs out, the advertiser can choose to continue top-up account and keep the pacing or to increase the ad spend in order to gain more customers and business through Baidu Advertising.