What is the price of Baidu advertising?

To do Baidu promotion, you first need to understand the Baidu advertising process, which can be simply divided into two steps: first, account opening, and then the campaign promotion.

Baidu advertising price:

1. How much does it cost for the Baidu ad account opening?

For oversea advertisers who open an account for the first time, a one-time payment of $1000 is required to be deposited by the advertisers plus $100 annual service fee. During the actual account opening process, and the specific fee for some certain industries might be separately agreed by the advertiser and the service provider.

2. After the Baidu ad account is created

The advertiser will choose target keywords to add to the campaign. When the Baidu search user clicks on the advertiser's ads to view the detailed information, the fee will be charged per click. The price per click is determined by advertisers who make their own decisions based on their actual marketing needs, and advertisers can independently control promotion costs by adjusting their budget or bidding. After the fund in the account is exhausted, the advertiser can renew it according to the situation.

3. Baidu Ads bidding method

The click price depends on the ranking, bid and quality of the keyword between you and other advertisers. The highest price will not exceed the bidding price you set for the keyword. If your ad ranks lower than other competitors' advertisements, or you are the only advertisement being displayed, the click price will be the lowest price of that keyword.

Please note: the higher the ad quality, the lower the minimum actual price of the keyword.

To sum up, the initial cost of Baidu promotion is generally from $1000, the follow-up Baidu advertising cost is completely determined by the advertiser, and the budget is completely controlled by the advertiser. The actual deduction is deducted according to each click, and the effect is completely controlled by yourself. This is the advantage of Baidu promotion. The location is also the main reason why advertising companies choose Baidu for promotion.