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£10 / account

About This Offer

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China which covers over 70% of search market share. It's search and display networks covers over 90% of online population in China. Baidu is part of Chinese users' daily digital life. Any business who wants to promote their products/services to China should consider to have Baidu as an essential marketing channel.

What's can you do with Baidu advertising (Baidu PPC) ?
Just like Google Ads, Baidu Ads enable advertisers to target Chinese users using various of ad format via Baidu network including:

  • - Baidu search engine;
  • - Baidu mobile apps;
  • - Baidu display network;
  • - Baidu forum, wiki, Zhidao (social Q&A) ;


Q: Why can't we open an account directly with Baidu?
A: Baidu's strategy is to focus on technology and product development. That's why Baidu delegates their advertising client relationship and administration to digital agencies like us. Especially when serving the oversea clients, we are in the frontier of supporting the Baidu clients including account opening, campaign launching and to achieving marketing goals.

Q: How long does it take to open a Baidu account?
A: In general, it might take 1-2 weeks for Baidu to approve and process the account creation. Certain industries such as financial service might take longer.

Q: Do we need to build a website in Chinese?
A: Yes. In order to provide the best user experience to Chinese users, a Chinese website or a Chinese micro-site will be essential.

Q: What's the minimum deposit requirement for Baidu Ads?
A: The 1st time deposit requirement for oversea advertisers is minimum $2,000. There is no time limit for advertisers to spend the fund. 

Q: What is the procedure and what documents do we need to provide? 
A: New advertisers need to fill the web-based Baidu application form. In order to verify your company, please also provide following additional documents (details will be followed once you start the process):

1) Local business certificate issued by local authority (with signature);
2) Latest bank statement (with signature) 
3) Baidu Advertising Agreement (with signature). 

Q: What will happen once our Baidu account is created?
A: Once Baidu account has been created, approved and funded, you will receive login details to access Baidu Advertising Platform. Then you can start to promote via Baidu. We also offer Baidu account management service if you need help. 

Q: Do we have to use your management service?
A: No. You have no obligation to use our Chinese SEM management service.

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