When creating WeChat content, the goal is to make sure people want to read and engage with it. Today, let’s explore the top on “How To Increase Opening Rate And Views On WeChat Articles” 

Writing valuable content is important but first, let’s do the fundamental steps correctly! Before landing on your full article, the audience will usually receive a preview on the chat conversation. The preview message is the determining factor one’s will access to read the full article. Let’s optimize the WeChat article preview box that will strongly impact the opening rate on your articles.

The preview has 2 key formats:

The following one when you share only one article:


WeChat Preview - Single Article

And this one when you share multiple articles (1 main article + secondary articles, up to 8 in total).

WeChat Preview - Multiple ArticlesWeChat Preview - Multiple Articles

As you can see the first format is much more impactful. The image is wider and the title is easy to read with a short content teaser.

So unless you need to publish multi-contents, it is always the best to favour the unique article formats. Keep in mind that WeChat users are obsessed with reading content. So as a brand, you must be very careful about the quality of the content and information provided which will directly speak for your brand. 

Now let’s break down the preview key elements you need to focus on:

The Title

In the same logic as SEO, the title is the most important aspect of your articles. 

We must first perfectly sum up the purpose of the article and be enticing enough so the user wants to read more. 

Here are some examples of best practices to create great WeChat articles titles, the user will want to open:

  • Attention: Use a question that will match a key concern for your audience and that your article will answer.

  • Attraction: Show your audience the value or the learnings they will get from the article with How and Why.  For example, how to do this or why you should do that.

  • Acknowledgement: Lists and best-of. People love the to-do list or best-of so they can save time doing research. Offering your audience with the key answers on particular questions will increase the opening rate on your WeChat articles

  • Action: Adding a few Call to action messages to drive the traffic to conversion or insert a link to direct them to your website. 

The Main Picture

Visual speaks more than words! 

The main picture is a key element in your article as it is the only visual appearing in the preview. Choosing the right visual is important as it should give an idea of the topic of the article without being generic. Besides that, you need to keep in mind the visual will be reduced and cropped when people share your article or when displayed in your account history. 

Make sure to concentrate on the key communication message on the visual design to enable people to click in for a full reading. 

The Teaser/Description

A short text is displayed in the preview to introduce your article when you use the “unique article” format. Customize the text and avoid using the first sentences of your article if they are not impactful enough.