Many social media managers know that: "Certain social media activities can quickly boost certain KPI in short period of time in general ". However, they often doubt "Which activities suits to which products?" and "Which activity is better than others?" 

Introducing 10 most common WeChat marketing strategies! Hope you can find the activities that suits you the best.

No.1, Collecting likes to win prize

Recommending Rate★★★

Collecting likes to win prize means that: “Let users share posters, articles to their circle of friends, collecting certain numbers of likes to get a prize”.

It is the most common and simplest marketing way of the WeChat public account. There is no need to develop the functions and you can start your operating within a post.

Primary playing: Let the users to forward posters or articles to their circle of friends. After collecting the likes, let the users send them to the background of WeChat public account, manually review and then send out the prize, most are electronic materials. If the prize is physical item, you can use the web form to let users submit screenshots and their postal address.


1. From the perspective of spreading, posters are better than articles; from the perspective of content richness, articles are stronger than posters;

2. The poster collection is better than the article collection in attracting fans.

3. The physical prizes of 50 praises can lead 6-7 new users averagely;

4. Set the number of praises, you can set the ladder reward, which is easy to complete within 100;

5. Remember to control the number and cost, you can set the number of the previous.

Suitable for: new store opening, online promotion and offline redemption gifts in the store.

No.2, Invite to follow

Recommending Rate★★★★

Through prizes attracting users to participate in the event, the user invites a certain number of friends to follow the event and then can receive the prize.

It is currently the most popular way for Wechat public account to receive fans. You use third-party tools or self-developed features. As the mission set a fixed number of people to invite, the cost can be controlled.

Recommendations for the third-party toolsXingyao, Yidian, Zuizan, small fission, Meixiangdao, Bazhuayu, 135 fission, Baozhi fission.


1. The more people exposed to the event, the more exposure they have, the greater the effect will be;

2. The attractive of the prize. The more attractive of the prize, the higher the participation of the event;

3. The number of inviting people. Assuming the prizes are unchanged, of course, the number of invitations is as high as possible, but if the threshold is too high and the degree of completion will decrease. It is recommended that the number of people set in the task be between 10-30 people.

Extended playing: Publish event posters through the entrance of public number, community, etc., use the group tool to complete the group action, the robot within the group automatically reminds the new person to complete the operation, and the follow-up robot reviews the gift materials.

Suitable for: WeChat public number to receive fans, it can harvest a large number of fans in a short time.

No.3, distribution activities

Recommending Rate★★★

Distribution activities refer to: "The course supports users to generate their exclusive links, their friends buy products through users’ own links, users can get commissions" , this is the most common in knowledge-based paying products.

Recommendations for the third-party toolsLizhiweike,Qianliao,Xiaoetong,Youzan.

We take course distribution as an example to explain some key points:

1. Demand scenario: For example, the job-seeking class sells better than the operating class because it covers a wider range of people;

2. Teachers of the course: A good teacher will bring his own traffic, and the user is more willing to be convinced, and the probability of paying is higher;

3. Copy writing of the course: A good copy writing can not only impress people, but also make people willing to pay;

4. The price of the course: the price of RMB 9.9, 19.9, 29.9, etc. are the most common for the single class, for the series of classes mostly are RMB 99, 199, 299;

5. Channels of the course: The more channels, the more exposure, the more classes that will eventually be sold. Many courses will choose to cooperate with KOL during distribution, generally giving a higher percentage of commission or using team PK rewards;

6. Commission ratio: For every course sold, the user will get money, the more money they get and the more motivated they will be. The commission is generally less than 50%. If the purpose of selling the lesson is to attract the new customers, the commission rate can be set higher.

Suitable for: selling knowledge-based paying products, related products.

No.4, Test and review 

Recommending Rate: ★★

The test/review activity refers to the activity of “users enter their own names and then generate one test report of their own which can be shared to show off.

Generally, such test/review activities occur during holidays or popular events such as: New Year, college examination, university admission and so on.


1. Need to resort to hot events or festivals;

2. The operation should be as simple as possible;

3. The content should be as interesting as possible, and can show personality;

4. Provide sharing path, satisfying the show-off mentality and this is helpful for spreading;

5. It is best to combine the brand and divert the product.

Suitable for: in hot nodes and festivals to increase brand exposure.

No.5, Check-in activities

Recommending Rate★★★

The check-in activity refers to: "The user completes the specified task every day, generates a poster or link, and then shares the link to his/her circle of friends to complete the punch".

Regular activities such as: Bohe reading, Sanbei reading, Shuidi reading, 7-day reading plan, etc.

Generally, the levels or rewards are used to motivate users to check in every day, thus the brand can get multiple exposures.


The focus is on motivating users to complete punch in. Following are the three most common incentive method:

1. Set up a punch to unlock a new course or content;

2. Pay the money or deposit first, and complete the punch in task to cash back;

3. Lower the threshold, set up the ladder reward for completion of 3 days, 7 days, 15 days.

Suitable for: reading / English account, short-term training products, APP promotion activity for new users.

No.6: DIY activities

Recommending Rate

DIY activity refers to the activity that “the user can complete a free fun task according to his/her own thoughts”.

The activities hot some time ago such as "sleeping posture competition" and Google's "guessing song" all belong to this type.


1. It is best for ordinary users to operate, this can maximize coverage of all people;

2. The mechanism of the friend PK can be introduced to help the spreading;

3. The development of such activities is difficult.

Suitable for: The content is interesting and has a strong development team.

No.7, Card-collecting

Recommending Rate

The card-collecting activity refers to the activity of “a user can get a card after complete a task, and collect all the cards to participate in the lucky draw”.

During the Spring Festival period, the most common activities are card collecting activities, such as Alipay's Jifu. Baidu, Headlines and Douyin all have such kind of activities..


1. The reward is attractive enough and need to control the number of certain card;

2. Limit the number of daily participations, guide sharing or continue to participate the next day;

3. After the reward is determined, the cost is basically fixed, and the maximum exposure activity can reduce the single person cost.

Suitable for: offline product sales, large holiday brand exposure, old product diversion new products, large companies improve visibility.

No.8, Voting 

Recommending Rate★★★★

The voting activity means: "Let the user participate in the activity, ask his/her friend to vote for himself/herself, and win the prize".

This playing is resisted now by WeChat.

To attract users to participate with rewards, it is necessary to prevent users from brushing tickets. It is best to declare in advance to avoid disputes.


1. Since the activity cost has been determined, it is necessary to focus on increasing the exposure of the event and to attract as more users as possible;

2. Join the real-time leaderboard to let users see their rankings and stimulate users to constantly introduce people;

3. Limit the number of times each person likes each day to stimulate users to introduce new people.

Suitable for: Basically every Wechat account can use, but large WeChat account should use with caution, as it is easy to be blocked. And you can try with small Wechat account.

No.9, Bargain hunting

Recommending Rate★★★

The bargain hunting is: "Let the user introduce other users to the offer, and finally get the goods for free". This is the hot playing of Pin Duo Duo, which brings the success to the platform.


1. To control the number of people who need to bargain, and the final price (0 RMB or a low price acceptable to the user);

2. At the beginning, the price of bargaining should be as large as possible, so that users feel they can get it quickly, and then slow down the price of bargaining;

3. Product quality and timely delivery is very important, and can improve user satisfaction.

Suitable for: product get new users, new product trial.

No.10, group activities

Recommending Rate★★

The group activity is: "Let the user invite his/her friends to form a group and finally buy goods at a low price".

The price discount of the group is large, which can stimulate users to participate in the group. If the head of a group has special offers, it is conducive to the spread of the group.


1. Set the strength of the group;

2. Users are more sensitive to price;

3. The awareness of the grouped goods should be as high as possible.

Suitable for: e-commerce industry, knowledge paying.