You may have heard about Baidu quite very often, it is the biggest search engine in China that takes about ⅔ of the market share in China. If you want to run ads on Baidu, you would require a China Business License due to policy restrictions in China, unless applying via Baidu agency which can help the brands' Chinese marketing strategy and campaigns Yiva Digital has joined forces with Baidu in developing a Lead Generation solution for you and your brands, with the great integration of search engine marketing and Baidu’s Jimuyu.

What is Jimuyu?

Jimuyu (基木鱼) is a website builder within the Baidu PPC Account. Brands can easily create fast-loading mini websites with HTML5 and mini-apps for products and services. The mechanism of this solution is simple. You are able to use ads tools to generate traffic and then direct them to Jimuyu’s landing page. 

Jimuyu is a well built-in platform of Baidu marketing, it is H5 (HTML5) landing page builder for many advertisers which launched in 2019. The tool is a great way of assisting advertisers to promote to the Chinese market, and for the companies that do not have a Chinese website, it can function as the mini website for your business. The function and features are simple and efficient. Apart from that, Jimuyu can also help to lead generation whereby leads are collected and data are on track. There are important metrics you can use to have a better insight into learning your data online such as numbers of impressions, clicks, submissions, video watches, etc.

Jumuyu Templates:

On Jimuyu’s backend, there are different types of templates for advertisers to pick on based on your industry need and the structure you would need to apply on the backend. Below are some samples of the templates and how they can be built.


Call to Action:

Jimuyu offers various Call to Action (CTA) plugins that adapts to Chinese consumer behaviours. These buttons include “Click to download”, “Call now”, “Chat now”, “Checkout”, and “Follow us on WeChat”. The brands can choose a button that is most enticing to the target audience. We would also encourage the brands to try out the multiple types of call to action buttons over time to evaluate their effectiveness. 

By offering live chat on the landing page, you can expect your conversion rate to increase by about 3X compared to using a contact form. The AiFanFan (Baidu’s CRM tool) plugin offers a variety of functions, such as smart live-chat support on your Jimuyu landing pages. This tool enables you to quickly respond to your customers for pre or post-sales inquiries. You might consider using this AnFanFan for the following functions: 

  • Setting up pre-determined waiting times for the incoming leads.

  • Different call-out options.

  • An efficient back-end for handling requests.

  • Integrates with previously collected data fields about the lead.


If you’re using a mini-program template on Jimuyu, be sure to aim and solve a problem starting from the first words of your copy as well as in your mini-program itself. Users are more likely to bookmark and use your mini-program if they understand what it does at a glance.  However, keep in mind that many others are competing for screen time. If you are not offering a compelling reason for your users to use your mini-program often, you’re more likely to be placed lower down the favourites list.

Another advantage of Jimuyu mini-programs allows users to quickly access certain functionalities directly such as Search, news feeds, offers, check-in, payment. By using mini-programme, users can complete certain tasks designed by the brand. This is the featured snippet of an insurance mini-program on Baidu’s search results. It allows marketers to package multiple landing page offers in one.