Types of Baidu Ad - What is Search Ads?

Just like Google ads, Baidu Search Ads is part of on Baidu Search ecosystem. Baidu is the world's first and biggest Chinese search engine. Baidu Search Ads can display your business offers at prominent positions in the Baidu search results. The cost occurs  after the user clicks on the advertisement, which means you only pay when the user engaged with the advert and visited your website/app.  

Here we are introducing the various format of Baidu Ads. The advertisers can choose the right format to target the right audiences, and drive better marketing performance.

1. Expand Sales

Standard Promotion

Simple operations and fast effects. Multiple prominent positions are displayed and are cost per click. The display is free.

Picture Gallery

One picture worth a thousand words. The image-text format is more attractive and informative. The image will be intelligently matched by Baidu engine, and the advertisers will get gain better performance from the ad campaign. 

‘Lead Express’

Telephone leads | Enquiry leads | Form leads

The ‘Lead Express’ feature can directly display the service functions on the search results page with the phones numbers, forms, and enquiry components, so that the netizens with clear needs can reduce the jumps, directly contact, and leave the sales leads.

2. Brand Promotion

Baidu brand promotion displays a matrix of information to cover the entire customer decision-making process. It provides with a full range of brand promotion features.

Audience researching stage - Brand Awareness


The ads will appear on Baidu Knowhow where the content is related to your business while the user is at the early prospecting stage. You can generate unique question pages and then answer the questions. It will be displayed on the Baidu search results pages and Baidu Knowhow pages. The users have natural view of the ads while browsing the answers.

Audience Interest Stage - Brand Exposure

You can increase brand exposure by highlighting the brand ads on the right side of the search results page during the user interest stage.

Audience Desire Stage - Engage with Brand Zone

You can show your brand image through brand words and product word triggers during the user brand learning stage.

Audience Conversion stage - Shopping Ads


In the user conversion stage, you can push your product and service information in front of the audience/ The ad appears in search results with structured graphic format. This format will simply drive the user to sales funnel.

3. Product promotion

Search for dynamic product ads

Dynamic product ads is a search-launch product for mass merchandising. It focuses on mass placements and dynamic creative generation around ‘products’, ultimately achieving accurate and efficient ad presentation and delivery management.

4. Local promotion

Local Business Express - By integrating mobile search and Baidu media resources, the Local Business Express can accurately promote your information to customers with corresponding needs, and prompt customers to complete transactions with online payment or paying in store.

5. App promotion

Baitong - Baitong can directly promote your mobile app on Baidu search results page, and provide you with the best one-stop App distribution service by integrating Baidu application store, distribution partners and in-feed ads.