Web 3 Marketing is a revolutionary concept that explores the web by looking at trends and new technologies which is more than just websites and search engine optimization (SEO). A Web 3.0 environment enhances the user experience by providing rich and interactive advertising opportunities which are good news for marketers because marketers can now deliver more targeted ads to consumers.

Key features of Web3 Marketing

Semantic Web (SW)
The semantic web will enable computers and humans to communicate more efficiently as SW will use metadata to describe the content in a machine-readable fashion.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Web3 focus on new technology and platforms to drive the ecosystem and adoption. With the AI technology in Web3, computers would operate more like a human and understand the data better, providing more accurate and quick solutions and responses.

In Web3, there would be no centre for data storage as the information would be held in various locations simultaneously instead of one. With the advent of Blockchain technology, Web3 allows individuals to take control of their data and exchange value directly with each other without an intermediator. Thus, the centred nature of most social media platforms makes them vulnerable to data breaches and information manipulation. Data ownership is an essential part of achieving true freedom on the web.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a blockchain-based digital asset that is authenticated by a certificate. NFT is a unique cryptographic asset tied to the product that records ownership and verifies validity, but not the product itself. NFT will serve as a crucial asset in Web3.

The rise of Content Creators
The next important trend will be the dominance of content creators. Web3 landscape is capitalizing on the FOMO by creating a perceived scarcity of access. Thus, the demand for creative artists and content creators would grow substantially as the appeal of such assets would drive the marketing for businesses.