Douyin Box is an independent e-commerce app focusing on fashion trends launched by Douyin in December 2021. Seeing the success of Douyin's content, a large number of e-commercial companies were attracted when it first launched. However, this September, Douyin Box was repeatedly misrepresented by industry insiders as being about to be stopped due to the low volume of active users.

According to Sense Tower's data, the DAU (Daily Average Users) of Douyin Box is only around 50,000, and the MAU is around 350,000, while the DAU of Douyin has reached 3.5 billion already. In terms of content, Though the two apps share the same content, the broadcast volume is extremely different.

At the same time, the Douyin Team is taking a bold step to promote E-shop inside the Douyin Platform. Brands can assess E-shops in the platform in five areas, including basic information maintenance, page module configuration, commodity force, decoration force, and material aesthetics. Among them, commodity force mainly refers to whether merchants have configured enough SKUs. In contrast, the decoration force refers to the need for merchants to make good commodity components, publicity components, and marketing components. Douyin hopes to quickly set up a standard shelf e-commerce ecosystem. An industry insider comments that Douyin wishes to build its internal E-shop feature to challenge Taobao.

Douyin is a content-based online platform, and it is accelerating its transformation in order to change the situation of binding content traffic. Both Douyin Box and the E-shop are attempts of Douyin to dissolve the conflict between the rapidly expanding e-commerce business and the content ecology, so as to maintain the content ecology in Douyin.

So far, Douyin has begun to divert traffic actively to its Douyin E-shop platform. In the Recommendation section on Douyin's homepage, advertisements for the Douyin E-shop platform are being emphasized, hoping to get more users to monetize more Douyin's traffic. The logic of ecommerce store is “search-repurchase”, which will be difficult for Douyin to achieve, but the huge number of daily active users on Douyin could bring more possibilities to the platform.

According to analysts' estimates, the GMV of e-commerce business in Douyin has exceed 800 billion yuan in 2021. Until the end of April 2022, the GMV of e-commerce in Douyin in the past year has been 3.2 times more than the same period last year, according to official data. The e-commerce mode of selling products via short videos and live broadcasts on Douyin is relatively mature. The e-commerce in Douyin is in a period of high growth, but its future trend for Douyin e-commerce still remains to be seen.