The "Ten-year trend report on content marketing in China" systematically analyzed the evolution of content marketing in China for the past ten years. With the development of the Internet in China over the decade, Internet advertising and digital marketing have also developed rapidly. Data from the State Administration for Market Regulation shows that in 2021, China's advertising market exceed a trillion-dollar threshold, and Internet advertising account for about 70%, which also means that the development of digital marketing has been further accelerated.

1. "Information overload" becomes the primary challenge for content marketing 

In recent years, as social media has become the primary channel for users to obtain various pieces of information, the problem of information overload has become increasingly serious due to the development of technology. The survey of this report shows that when using the mobile Internet, more than 80% of users feel that information is overloaded.

2. Content needs to provide information for decision making

In recent years, consumers have paid more attention to their sense of security and controllability towards information. The complexity of the decision-making process also requires brands to provide more diversified and comprehensive content and information.

3. Mutiple content scenarios 

Consumers in the digital age obtain information from multiple channels. To cope with such changes, content marketing needs to better match and integrate mobile applications and user scenarios.

4. Content marketing needs to be integrated into the whole chain of marketing

According to the reported survey, among the expectations for content marketing are to improve conversion, acquire owned media, strengthen brand image, increase popularity, enhance user interaction, and others. It can be seen that "content marketing" is no longer an isolated process, but is integrated into the whole chain of marketing.

5. Content marketing must consider cost effects

According to the survey report, 55.4% of the people who evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing is that content marketing should be in line with the brand’s culture. Besides, the cost of content, social sharing and influence on target groups should be considered as well.