Getting traffic from the main site of TikTok

TikTok has more than 600 million daily active users and is a huge traffic pool. Thus, it is necessary to obtain traffic from TikTok for TikTok e-commerce for long-term growth. When the user has shopping needs, TikTok Shop is the place that meets the shopping needs of users. The biggest difference between TikTok Shop and live broadcast/short video is that it is based on the active purchase needs of users. When the user has entered the live broadcast and browsed the short video products, but has not placed an order, businesses can divert traffic to the shop search result page of the product category to meet the user's needs.

Rapid conversion for the first order

At present, the vast majority of TikTok users are new users of TikTok e-commerce. Thus, businesses should select new products with good quality and provide good after-sales service to trigger the conversion of purchase.

Create more reasons for users to re-visit the shop

Businesses should focus on logistics distribution and other service reminders. This is because, for e-commerce, the customer order is not the end result, but the status of logistics, receipt, refund, etc. are also part and parcel of the post-purchase process which needs to be managed effectively and efficiently. Besides, businesses can apply interactive activities and other gameplay to trigger users to re-visit the shops, such as daily check-in games that are available in most APPs. 
All in all, user retention requires long-term operation and effort, which is also a long-term strategy for a healthy user growth model.