On August 10, the "Youth Trendy Festival" marketing campaign launched by Baidu Marketing came to a successful end. The popularity of the whole network has exploded, and it has received rave reviews. In terms of market volume, the marketing campaign has successfully created more than 40 million online and offline exposure. This event is jointly created by Zhenai.com, Tianya Mingyue Dao, Boshi Doors and Windows, and other partners, giving Gen Z marketing more creative and innovative value.

Clear positioning and use of "trends" to directly hit the minds of young people

Philip Kotler said in Marketing Revolution 4.0: From Traditional to Digital that in an age of attention and information fragmentation, brands need to create a "Wow Moment" for consumers. If brands want to occupy the minds of contemporary young people, it is necessary to distinguish themselves from the conventional marketing method and to bring a trendy and personalized consumption experience to attract the attention of young people. Besides, brands need to engage participants in the interaction to create happiness and satisfaction that exceed expectations, and implant the brand concept into a high-quality "sense of experience" to gain consumer recognition.

Through insight and analysis, it is found that "trend" is the pursuit of Generation Z. This "Youth Trendy Festival" used “trend” as the starting point to create a communication scene based on emotional connection - the trendy universe. The marketing focuses on the favorite keywords of Generation Z and creates the brand rejuvenation experience in different interactive forms. 

Content creation and communication with users

Baidu Tieba created a cool planet, cooperated with KOL to launch a series of trendy single product evaluations, and used unique content with keywords to attract Generation Z. It continued to get viral, and became a hot topic of discussion in various communities during the same period.

Innovate digital collections and use technology to boost brand communication

Combined with the current trend of digital collections, the "Youth Trendy Festival" marketing campaign has launched a series of virtual digital collections. Users who enter the page can easily purchase digital collections that are exquisite and rich in trendy elements. Each digital collection has a unique mark, which is naturally attractive to young groups who have always liked to follow emerging trends. In addition, this "Youth Trendy Festival" also specially invited Du Xiaoxiao, a digital human, to play games with users.