The larger the market, the competition will be more intense. In particular, Internet marketing has become more intense in recent years. Many advertisers want to use Baidu News Feed to advertise, but do not know the effectiveness of Baidu News Feed advertisement. So what are the advantages of Baidu News Feed? 

1. Strategy placement

Baidu News Feed advertising can be placed on the mobile Baidu homepage, and the placement of the advertisement is easy for users to find. In addition, with the popularization of mobile informatization, Baidu News Feed advertisements contain a variety of display forms, such as single image, three images, text, large images, and APP, etc., which makes it user-friendly. Baidu News Feed advertising has more than hundreds of millions of users and has the advantage of huge traffic potential.

2. Precisely targeted promotion

Baidu News Feed advertisements can analyze users' search history, users' interests, or hobbies, and accurately push relevant information that the users care about, such as crowd attributes, search intentions, and behavior data. This can not only reduce the cost of advertising but also help advertisers get more accurate users

3. Flexible charge

The fee is charged according to the click, and the minimum click fee for each advertisement is 0.3 yuan, which depends on the competition of advertisements in the industry. At the same time, the daily advertising consumption can be set according to the advertiser's budget. When the daily click volume reaches the upper limit, the advertisement display will be automatically stopped to ensure that it will not exceed the pre-set budget of the advertiser.