Generally, there are 8 ways to convert traffic from Xiaohongshu to sales:

  • Lead traffic to owned media
  • Lead traffic to E-commerce platform
  • Lead traffic to increase search volume
  • Close deal in Xiaohongshu e-commerce platform
  • Xiaohongshu paid intellectual property
  • Xiaohongshu Live broadcast
  • Advertising
  • Selling accounts in Xiaohongshu

Lead traffic to owned media

Xiaohongshu explicitly prohibits users from diverting traffic to WeChat and other off-site platforms, but this is a common way to maximize the business value on the Xiaohongshu platform. Do take note to avoid sensitive words.

Lead traffic to E-commerce platform

The e-commerce platforms with the highest penetration rates are Taobao, and Pinduoduo. Other e-commerce platforms have lower user penetration, and a user is unlikely to download an e-commerce app specifically to buy something, thus it is easier to direct the potential buyers to the e-commerce platform that he/ she commonly uses to buy. In terms of user size, Taobao has the highest users while has the highest number of daily users. On the other hand, Pinduoduo is positioned as a value for money site, with a premium that is usually lower than Taobao and 

Lead traffic to increase search volume

Internet products, mobile games, etc. do not need traffic conversion to purchase, instead these products need to generate discussion or interest. Users who are interested will search for it through mobile app shops or Baidu searches. The core data sought by such products is the number of downloads; the higher the number of downloads, the greater the commercial value. 

Close deal in Xiaohongshu e-commerce platform 

This is to open a shop in Xiaohongshu and divert traffic from Xiaohongshu contents which lead users into the shop to buy. 

Xiaohongshu paid intellectual property

This is to perform vertical content and release some courses. The contents from Xiaohongshu will serve to attract traffic and lead to purchase behaviors. Another way is to offer low-priced items in the Xiaohongshu in order to divert traffic to the owned media and convert to high-priced sales. 

Xiaohongshu Live Broadcast

Large fan base accounts can directly start to perform live broadcasts, interact in videos to build popularity, sell products or lead traffic to owned media in Xiaohongshu.


Content creators in Xiaohongshu can customize the advertising rates based on different demographics, different levels of followers, and recent average data.

Selling accounts in Xiaohongshu

This is suitable for individual content creators who have not authenticated themselves. This is because one ID can only authenticate one account on Xiaohongshu, and the authentication cannot be canceled and cannot be transferred. It can take a month or two to accumulate a 10,000 fans account and is only suitable as a side hustle.