18th June is a key shopping festival driven by top e-commerce companies in China. How can companies increase online traffic during this 618 shopping festival?

Pop-up window in Homepage: Enhance the exposure of various activities

When the user enters the product page, a pop-up window will pop up immediately to display the event information, and prompt the user to click the link to the event details page. This can grab the user's attention immediately. By having larger activities or more attractive benefits, the event can arouse users' curiosity to spontaneously click on the activity page. 

The homepage pop-up window is one of the key resources for owned media. When configuring the operation of these pages, businesses need to select the most suitable product according to the needs of target users, and concentrate resources for promotion. This means that businesses should place the activities with the greatest discounts or benefits to attract users in the most attention-grabbing places. At the same time, on the event introduction page, the information of the event must be clearly described, highlighting the greatest benefits for users, thereby promoting high traffic conversion for owned media.

Live video streaming 

Live broadcasting has created a new market worth 100 billion. During the big promotion, live broadcasting is an important strategy to increase conversion rate. Some of the live broadcasting tips include limited-time offers, discount vouchers, and interactive sessions with the users.

Referral program

It is necessary to enhance exposure by including a referral program, where the old users introduce new users. There are many tools or software for sharing commissions on the market. This means that old users who successfully bring in a new user can get commissions as rewards. Besides, sharing rewards and incentives can encourage and motivate existing users to share with potential users.