The overall advertising cost has further increased, thus the brands now realize the importance to retain existing users. As a result of that, the operation of owned media has risen accordingly. On the other hand, mainstream new media platforms are actively working to create an ecological environment which is suitable for the operation of owned media. 

Currently, the combination of the public domain platform with owned media’s contacts and the brand's self-built owned media channels have formed a new owned media ecosystem. In other words, the user traffic directed from the platform's owned media contacts is used to attract more traffic to the brand's self-operated channels to realize user retention. Besides, brands also actively build official accounts with the help of the huge user traffic in the public domain platform. According to QuestMobile data, the number of official accounts on various public domain platforms in March 2022 has increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

The overall operation of the owned media mainly includes four modules: customer acquisition, user retention, consumption conversion, and targeted marketing. The operation of owned media in different industries have different strategies. The low-frequency and high-customer order industry focuses on improving customer service; the high-frequency and high-customer order industry focuses on building brand image and user interaction; the high-frequency and low-customer order industry focuses on user retention and conversion due to low customer interaction.