Camping has always been one of the popular choices for leisure vacations. According to the data of, the popularity of camping has increased by 303.5% in 2020. Camping is a trending activity now and has become one of the popular social media posts in China. 

Camping is considered a niche outdoor lifestyle. According to relevant data, women will be the main decision-makers among camping consumers in 2021, accounting for as much as 64%. In terms of age distribution, the young generation born in the 1990s and 2000s and those born in the 1980s who value children's experiential education have become the two major "population" for camping activities.

This actually basically defines the three major circles of the core users of the camping: "urban elite", "Generation Z", and "family". The urban elite who wish to escape from the high pressure of urban life view camping as a way to relax. The situation of Gen Z is similar to that of the family group, which is to have fun together as a way of social interaction. The core point of social interaction is people. Camping is a way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with people. 

Besides that, there are multiple creative ways to camp such as stargazing with wine and concert, desert camping or bonfire dance. The main purpose is to have different themes filled with experiences. 

There are still a lot of opportunities to tap into the camping market. The camping market is filled with new users and old users. New users are brand new opportunities whether it is equipment, camps or strategies. For old users, the key is to improve their repurchase in terms of equipment upgrades, accessories, optimization, etc..

All in all, in order to grow the camping industry, there must be a giant that can operationalize and standardize the industry norm in a systematic manner. This will then ensure the sustainability of the camping industry.