The era of mobile Internet has reduced users' dependence on personal computers to a certain extent, and more intelligent interactive devices have come into the play. 

The search scenarios cover all scenarios from the PC Internet, mobile Internet, travel scenarios, to home scenarios. For example, Baidu reaches users more widely through mobile phone scenarios, home scenarios, travel scenarios, and deploys multi-scenario applications. Baidu can also help merchants to improve creative interactive experience in multiple scenarios -- by using voice, image, AR/VR and other capabilities in marketing communications, and provide a variety of marketing channels and marketing methods.

Nowadays, the definition of search service can be defined as the process where users can use text, voice, image and others to get the information needed. In general, the search categories in China in 2021 can be categorized as information type, commercial type or service type. As compared to the short videos, the search users are from higher education level and younger population. Besides, the income level of the search users are generally high with huge spending power. 

The demand for high-quality content is still the main focus for users. But at the same time, with the continuous improvement of information transparency and the further improvement of user behavior, the trend of diversification and scenario-based search demand will be further strengthened. Users will also have higher expectations for the convenience and accuracy of the search function. 

In the future, technological innovation will become an important criteria for search service competition. Besides, users will be able to choose Internet services more independently. Demand for access to information and services will also increase. With the development of new content, new services, new forms, and new scenarios, the search service will also continue to innovate.