Innovation is one of the keynotes of China's future economic development, and high-pressure law enforcement in the field of intellectual property rights will become a norm. Chinese Internet industry has entered a new world, a new order has been formed, and game rules are being changed. 

Anti-monopoly as China's internet sector grows faster

Anti-monopoly has become a major trend in China since 2020, and antitrust-related penalties and lawsuits will only become more frequent in 2021. The mobile internet will become more open, the industry will become more competitive, and the industry's veterans and entrepreneurs will have more opportunities.

Beyond Ali and Tencent, more giants are rising. When Ali and Tencent first became supergiants, the market capitalization of the two was only around US$300 billion; now, more and more Chinese internet companies have that kind of volume.
As more and more "$100 billion" Internet giants emerge, the Internet will no longer be a "bipolar landscape" but will become more diverse and the market will become more prosperous and dynamic, meaning more opportunities for both the companies and individuals who rely on it.

Taking over the mobile era, the "smart" internet is here

The most talked-about company in the technology industry in 2020 is not the new force in car making, smart cars become one of the most growing tracks in 2020. In 2021, more technology giants in the entry of car making market, Apple invested in Kia to enter the car making, Baidu official announcement of car making after the market value doubled.
Turning cars into mobile smart devices is the new "windfall" in the technology industry. On the surface, it is the unstoppable momentum of new energy vehicles, but at a deeper level, it is the landing of AI in the automotive industry.

The rise of the "Four Internets" in the post-mobile era

Content Internet: when the operating system, mobile payment, social network and other mobile Internet infrastructure are completed, it is more important to fill the Internet with content to meet the content consumption needs of more users and more online time. Recent short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Kuaishou are all content Internet applications.
Intelligent Internet: AI, which is going to be mature, will be applied on a large scale in traditional mature applications, and many new applications will be born at the same time. smart speakers and Tesla cars are all intelligent Internet applications;
Physical Internet: The prosperity of social group buying, online education and other applications, all show that the Internet accelerated the other industry. The pandemic further accelerated the real world of online, digital and AI.
Real-time Internet: 4G makes the Internet mobile and 5G makes the Internet real-time. Smartphones, smart cameras, ubiquitous sensors and IoT devices immerse the Internet in our daily life: the content on the network is the real mapping of the world at this moment. 5g will not only make IoT more popular but also reduce the connect latency between the physical and the digital worlds to milliseconds. With the growing popularity of the 5G network, the Internet will map the real world in real-time. 


In 2021, anti-monopoly regulation has been implemented strongly in China's internet sector, new giants have risen in large numbers, and the intelligent era is coming. All these show that the old mobile era is gone forever. A better, more prosperous and sexier Internet world is emerging.