What is a CDN Network?

A CDN may be a network of web servers located in specific geographical areas which will deliver your content faster.

Visitors hook up with your pages from different locations and that they could also be very far away from where your website is hosted. The longer distance away, the slower the load speed is for your website. A CDN system circumvents this problem by distributing your content on several servers all round the globe or during a specific region. Therefore, your visitors won't receive the content from the first server but from the one closest to his physical location, which dramatically increases the speed of your website.

How can a CDN Network improve performance in China?

A CDN is extremely important in China thanks to the dimensions of the country and therefore the particular internet architecture. In fact, in China, there are only three major Internet Service Providers (ISP) and their networks are poorly interconnected. This is often not a perfect scenario for your website's load time. The networks are often congested with high latency and packet loss as a result. Moreover, they do not deliver an equivalent performance all across China. Therefore, the connection could also be super fast in Shanghai but much slower in another city.

Given this scenario, a Content Delivery Network is an efficient solution you'll implement. The CDN will disperse your content across several servers in China providing your traffic with the simplest possible performance.

Cloudflare CDN

There are several good CDNs on the market but we recommend using Cloudflare in China. This company has an in-depth network of servers in China and they even have a partnership with Baidu. Since Baidu is the equivalent of Google within the western world, a partnership between the 2 companies is the perfect combination to optimize your website's speed in China.

To implement Cloudflare CDN on your website isn't difficult but you've got to think about that to realize access to the Chinese network you would like an ICP license. The ICP may be a document issued by China's Ministry of Industry and Knowledge Technology (MIIT) necessary to run an internet site in China. QPSoftware can assist foreign companies in applying for the ICP license, a process that's known to be daunting and discouraging for many foreigners.

Once Cloudflare has been found out , you'll immediately see a clear load speed difference for your users in China and an improvement on your website's performance.

Additional Speed Optimization for China

Once you create China as your target market, there are a couple of other optimization methods that you simply cannot overlook as a digital marketer which are necessary to possess a well-performing website in China.

Host your website in China

The benefits of hosting your website in China are invaluable. always remember that China features a strong Internet censorship. Therefore, accessing the market from abroad will bring several barriers and roadblocks imposed by the good Firewall of China which will hamper your website.

Chinese web hosting won't face the good Firewall, making your site tons faster, and it'll even make it easier to figure on SEO for China. As an alternative , you'll host your website during a neighboring Country like Hong Kong but the result will never be an equivalent as hosting the web site in China. For more information, you'll read our guide on how to host an internet site in China.

Avoid blocked elements

China presents a completely different Internet environment. Most of the expertise and knowledge you've developed over the years could also be of no use in China. Once more , the good Firewall may be a game changer and you would like to suit its rules.

For instance, Google in China doesn’t work because it is the most famous social network. ditch Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google API, Google maps, Google pics, and therefore the list goes on. These platforms are blocked and, besides just not working, they're going to drastically hamper your website.

Baidu sets the principles in China and your website must be optimized for this program .

All the platforms that are popular within the western world must get replaced with WeChat, Youku, Sina Weibo, Baidu maps then on. you'll find detailed information on the way to rank well on Baidu by reading our guide about SEO in China.

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