Virtual idols are being loved and sought after by more and more young consumers. With the trendy live broadcast going on in the new norm, short video, and AI technology, we produce a new generation of virtual idols with greater imagination. This is a potential new business opportunity for brand marketing.

Consumers who are familiar with McDonald's should have seen McDonald's new brand ambassador "Happy Sister", the brand virtual idol. These happy sisters who wear in pink with cute hairpins play important roles in the store which successfully differentiate them from ordinary shop assistants. They also assist in answering questions for consumers, host birthday parties for children, celebrating dinners and other services. In other words, the virtual spokesperson "Happy Sister" is actually a digital representation of the Happy Sister in the real world.

In general, the virtual idol market in China is very popular at the moment. According to the "2019 Virtual Idol Observation Report'' released by iQiyi, 390 million people across the country are paying attention to virtual idols brand marketing. This huge crowd also makes virtual brand marketing come into the market competition that is far more competitive than imagined.

With the continuous development of Chinese virtual idol market and the continuous penetration of the virtual new normal culture, virtual idols are becoming a hot topic across the globe especially in China at the moment which caught the eyeballs of the consumers and brands. The commercial value behind the virtual marketing initiative is good beyond expectation. Virtual idols are experienced and meet the communication needs of the younger generation in China. They are able to bridge the gap between brands and the Z generation. Compared with real artists, virtual idols have likability personalities and are deeply influencing the young generation. Therefore, they have a huge fan base in China. This is for many brands to greatly reduce the marketing risk, but also help the brand to achieve a better business ROI.

Virtual idols bring more benefits to the brand. Nowadays, the popularity and traffic of virtual idols are no less than that of current celebrities, and they have also embarked on a content-oriented live broadcast road from the beginning of the endorsement brand.

Relying on virtual technology these days and the live communication trend, virtual idols created great impacts on the brand to engage with online audiences. The live presentation of virtual idols requires the use of high-tech technologies such as holographic projection technology and voice synthesis. Therefore, brands can engage with virtual idols to actively engage with consumers online and directly convert them into paying clients.

If we look into the keywords trend analysis of the entertainment industry in 2020, the virtual idol is an existence that cannot be ignored in Chinese market. In the near future, with the increase in consumer spending power and the expansion of virtual technology into our culture, virtual idols will be loved by more and more young consumers. Brands will be able to create greater commercial potential by making good use of virtual idols to create market values for your business.