For merchants trying to tap into the market by using Xiaohongshu (aka. RED, Little Red Book)), if you choose to do the marketing and promotion of Xiaohongshu by yourself, the speed will be relatively slow. So today we have compiled a list of 6 marketing tips and it's promotion mechanism. Let’s explore this marketing acquisition topic in Xiaohongshu to maximize your brand. 

1.Partner with celebrity to launch

2.KOL’s notes release

3.Shop Expert's notes release

4.Ads Targeting by standard accounts

5.Keyword ranking optimization

6.Brand Keyword dropdown


  • Partner with celebrity to launch

The power of celebrities cannot be underestimated. The sales of Fan Bingbing and Lin Yun's promotional products can be described as soaring, and it is common for Fan Bingbing to sell out of the same model. From the perspective of environment construction, Xiaohongshu does have an objective place to attract celebrities. This platform has been committed to building a community and building a lifestyle sharing platform. 

The result of celebrity launch: Create a celebrity effect, provide brand awareness while promoting goods, and stack up the credibility while running sales in the later period. There are also some shortcomings, the price to get a celebrity to launch your product in the market is high, and sometimes it may not achieve the expected effect, and some after the release, the effect is not as good as the other acquisition method. 

  • KOL notes release

A representative person after a celebrity in China used for brands is KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), who has avant-garde aesthetics in terms of the number of fans, appearance, wear and makeup. After the notes are posted from them on Xiaohongshu, they will be quickly disseminated to other users through the mechanism of the platform to push to their fans, to increase the popularity of the brands and drive more organic traffic.

The desired effect comes from using KOL is that the brand is able to create explosive notes to achieve higher conversion. Through the Xiaohongshu mechanism, KOL is able to accurately push the content of the notes to high-quality customers to achieve better conversion.

  • Shop Expert's notes release

If the shop expert on Xiaohongshu has a great number of shoppers is also known as a C-level expert. It can also be called a marketing account. The number of fans ranges from several thousand to two to thirty thousand. This group of talents is mainly composed of Bao Ma, women from third- and fourth-tier cities, and a small number of student parties.

Their value is to serve as a foil for high-quality experts, and also for a brand's articles. They will create high-quality articles that will appear on that platform which will always turn up to be high-engagement posts.  

  • Ads Targeting by standard accounts

Brands will usually go for advertisements to target its consumers. At this time, some authentic followers need to support the brand to boost brand credibility. Pictures and text do not actually speak the truth to consumers from the consumer’s point of view. Unless brands come out with a great promotion that captures a short period of impulse buying. 

The key acquisition method is that brands can go for partnership with a bunch of followers on Xiaohongshu. When users search for products or brand keywords, there are many amateur articles, and the idea for users at that time is, you see, not only experts but also many ordinary people use it! Besides adding amateurs Authenticity can also preempt keywords. After all, amateurs can put a lot of them because of the low price.

  • Keyword ranking optimization

In order to rank the keywords, it is important to know that a note in the front row always gives a good first impression, and few people will turn to the bottom one by one, so the ranking of the notes is more reliable. The more relevant your content, your brand will get better exposure. This is why there are a lot of official advertising spots in the keywords, but the official advertising spots were pricey, and the cost performance is not necessarily proportional to the bidding price. You might end up spending more budget in the end. 

The effect of keyword ranking optimization comes with more exposure and display, in order to achieve conversion.

  • Brand Keyword dropdown

Make the corresponding brand drop-down words under the keywords, mainly to increase the brand's popularity and promote the brand. When searching for related products, it is more convenient for users to find the brand they are familiar with. 

The above are the 6 delivery methods in the marketing promotion of Xiaohongshu. Merchants choose and match related businesses according to their own budgets when launching and promoting their products. For example, if a brand plan to make an explosive marketing launch, you can choose a high-quality talent mix with keyword ranking optimization. It will be easier to generate explosive effects.