Weibo with 600 Million Users is that the no 1 source for E-commerce Marketing

Weibo now boasts 600 million users with 350 monthly active accounts, it might be a disservice to merely label Weibo as the ‘Twitter of China’ (although the name literally means Micro Blog). Rather this is often an innovative platform that's tailoring itself to E-Commerce marketing options simpler than the majority of its competitors.

WEIBO is that the favorite FOR E-COMMERCE BUSINESS

With their lucrative partnership with Alibaba in mind, it’s important to think about the implications for E-Commerce ads. Alibaba owns the flagship and largest stores, Tmall & Taobao. External links to alternative E-Commerce stores are now being limited from Weibo whilst the platform is about to receive an outsized investment.

Consider if you're an E-Commerce player to specialise in Weibo with it’s connections to China’s E-Retailing giant.

FIRST STEP ON WEIBO: the way to find out AN ACCOUNT?

In order to run Weibo promoted posts, your account must be a verified account. To have your business account verified, you've got to submit your business license and form to Weibo. After Weibo staff reviews the documents, they're going to verify your account by adding a blue V next to your account.

Once your account is verified, you're able to contact Weibo to possess them found out your account from the rear end. Large international companies are already adopting promoted posts for increased visibility.

If your business needs exposure and awareness amongst the Chinese-speaking demographic, Weibo promoted posts are an economical thanks to achieve your goals.


You are ready to target users supported by geographic location, age, interest, platform/device (such as desktop/Apple/Android users etc.) and user interests. The brands also are ready to target by tags and hashtags. These campaigns are often as targeted as you desire!

Cost of Advertising: How Do Weibo Ad Campaign Charges?

1) CPM (Cost-Per-Impression): the value of the campaign are going to be hooked in to the exposure

2) CPC (Cost-Per-Clicks): the value of the campaign is going to be hooked into actions like reposts, clicks on the link, and follows also as favorites.

The minimum spend of your post can’t be less than the initial minimum determined by the system, and therefore the actual cost won’t be above your maximum bid. you're also ready to put a maximum daily budget to your post.



Fan tunnels are the foremost targeted and intelligent way of reaching new consumers & followers. you'll use this to market either a selected post or your account. It functions sort of like a ‘headline’ that appears at the highest of a user’s news feed.

For new brands that don’t have already got an outsized following, this is often the simplest thanks to build one, Fan Tunnels specialise in the entire of the Weibo community, not just existing followers. it'll place your content at the highest of stories feeds supported targeted audiences defined by age, gender, region, interests and even device types.

You can specify the interests of followers & target other accounts for similar niches. you'll select users who follow specific fashion news & fashion related posts to be targeted (for example).

Costs for Fan Tunnels are typically calculated in CPM (Cost Per Mille), pricing starts from 5 RMB per 1000 impressions.


Display ads are traditional but certainly still effective, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. Display ads are available in various dimensions on different pages. they're optimized for both the mobile and web version (although mobile is predominantly used).

When users click on the ads they're directed to an advertiser’s website/app. Pricing depends on page placement, audience , device, location, and keyword association.

Weibo allows for a targeted approach here with keywords selected for visibility supported user searches, you'll also feature displays on other relevant accounts that boast followers within the same niche.

Display ads are mainly placed on the search page (in the discover section), on the Weibo homepage also as on the side of the user's news feeds (akin to Facebook Ads).


Weibo users are typically younger with 68% of the user base between 15-30. This is often important in touch in mind together with your brand & product placement.

Weibo is also a highly active and animated community. Users expect a high level of engagement/quicker response times, one reason for this is often this is a platform dominated by KOLs, paid ads are one thing but capturing the eye of expectant Chinese consumers with a lively account is another.