Read this article and understand how to use Wechat Official Account for your business. WeChat Official Accounts with more than 1.1 billion monthly active users (MAUs) globally. For comparison, Facebook has 2.32 billion MAUs.

WeChat Business function as below for your business advantage : 

  • Gain popularity and gather followers

  • Send followers or target audiences push notifications

  • Redirect followers or target audiences to a website/e-commerce

WeChat Official Accounts appear in the “Chat” section of WeChat. Upon sending notifications, WeChat Official Accounts are brought to the top . Users can then open the account to access a conversation interface where they can either engage with the business client service or access quick information built on the menu. 

How do users find WeChat Official Accounts?

There are several ways WeChat users can search for WeChat official accounts.

1.WeChat social timeline (known as WeChat Moments)

The most common way of acquiring new followers on WeChat is through WeChat Moments. Upon clicking on an article, users can access and follow your account page by clicking the name of your account at the top of the article.

2. Scanning a QR code

QR codes are common in China and a very popular way to access any types of content on wechat such as special promotion, add a friend, payment and many others. WeChat users can scan QR code which is included on your marketing article within WeChat (by long-pressing the QR code) or offline by using WeChat’s embedded QR code scanner.

QR codes are perfect for any offline use: they can be added inside your stores, on your products, during your events. QR codes are ideal for both offline to online conversion and online to online conversion as users in China are adapting mobile technology in their daily life. 

3. Search

WeChat contains a search bar and search function for Official Accounts. Note for this function is that we have to type the name of the account fairly accurately to find that particular business account and is not really used for discovery. Therefore, creating the easily-to-be remembered  brand / business name is significantly important at the beginning stage of market entry using WeChat Official account. 

4. Shared name card

You can share the name card of a WeChat Official Account to your friends and family in order for a friend to follow your business. The name card can be shared directly with a specific friend, or to a group. It can’t, however, be shared on your timeline.

5. Offline payments

After a user completes a payment with WeChat Payment offline, it is possible to invite them to follow your WeChat Official Account. Normally, businesses will create a giveaway campaign to target for users to follow their wechat account as a giveaway campaign will stimulate the instant response to follow the business wechat account.  

6. Advertising

With 1.1 billion monthly active users (70 million of whom are from outside of China)you can't ignore the massive reach of this platform. WeChat ads include a feature enabling a button which functions as  “One click follow” for users to follow a WeChat Official Account. This is a powerful way to get initial traction through Cost Per Click advertising. This is also very impactful as this feature is very appealing on advertisements to push for a specific niche to get them to follow your business on your WeChat Official account.