In 2019, China's independent research and development games have generated about 27 billion dollar in China, and about USD 9 billion in the foreign market. Among overseas markets, the United States, Japan, and South Korea account for nearly 70%. Affected by the coronavirus, the gaming market is exploding this year. According to Steam statistics, from December 2019 to February 2020, the number of online users on the Steam platform has increased significantly. In February 2020, the average number of people online on Steam was 14,234,900, and the peak number of daily PUBG active users is expected to be between 80 million and USD 10 million on Chinese New Year's Eve in 2020, rocketed to a historical high. The game even caused server crash. The breakout of coronavirus is a good opportunity for the gaming industry in China as it allows China's gaming products to improve in quality as well as competitiveness. 

Since 2012, Chinese box office revenue has continued increasing. In the first half of 2019, the Chinese box office revenue has reached USD 4 billion. The outbreak of the coronavirus coincides with the Spring Festival, with no doubt there is a huge impact on the film industry. However, these effects probably will not be for long. After the end of the outbreak, people will return to normal life and walk in to the cinema. At the same time, the cinemas will see the opportunity for rise. The disease will also force many cinemas to improve their soft environment, such as installing fresh air systems and replacing old seats to provide a better movie viewing environment.


Daily Life

During this special period, people are staying behind closed doors, and seldom have chance to do offline grocery shopping. Meanwhile, online fresh grocery shopping has benefited a lot from the disease. During the Spring Festival, the transaction volume of MISS FRESH has increased by 3-4 times. A large number of new and old users have poured in, and its transaction per customer has also increased by about 30 RMB. On the supply side, the average daily fresh vegetable supply for MISS FRESH has doubled to more than 1,000 tons. During the disease, orders on almost all of the fresh food e-commerce platforms have been doubled or tripled. In order to increase the capacity, companies are attracting more employees with higher salary, which also increase the operating costs. It is expected that after the disease, there will be more competitive fresh e-commerce company emergence and an increasing of new users and orders.


Coronavirus also hit the catering industry. During the disease, 78% of catering companies lost more than 100% of their operating income and only 5% of them lost below 70%. After the disease, the restaurant industry may come across a wave of retaliatory consumption, which means people will finally go out and eat in their favourite restaurant, socialize and experience offline consumption and services. According to the analysis of the operation of China's catering industry during the SARS period in 2003, although there was a large impact on catering industry, it won’t last long. The industry still showed a strong growth trend the end of the outbreak. Moreover, consumers will pay more attention to health and safety foods. The catering industry will also develop toward the way of standardized, standardized and upgraded anti-risk capabilities.


Under the influence of the disease, people's awareness of disease prevention and protection of health risks have significantly improved. China's health insurance income increased significantly after SARS in 2003, In May, 2003 the health insurance income raised 75.57% compared to the same period in 2002. The coronavirus is highly infectious, wide coverage with a long incubation period. The demand for long-term accident insurance, illness insurance and life insurance will increase in China, especially the online health insurance.

During the disease, offline educational institutions were suspended and schools have to extend the winter holidays. Switching to online learning has became good option for educational institutions. The online education has entered the golden growth period. According to the "Statistics Report of China Internet Development". By June 2019, the number of online education users in China has reached 232 million, an increase of 31.22 million compared with the end of 2018, accounting for 27.20% of the overall Internet users. The annual online education user scale is expected to reach 259 million by February 2020. Youku and Dingding, the two brands under the Alibaba Group jointly launched the “teaching from Home” program. By February 2, this program has covered more than 20,000 primary school students and 12 million secondary school students. Online education will continue to grow in the future.


The sudden attack of coronavirus is not only a short-term pressure for all industries, but also an opportunity for industry changes. In this tough period, the above industries will also usher in unprecedented opportunities. They will follow this opportunity to become the most powerful industry in the next few years. Spring will finally come after the cold winter.