According to the "2018 Tmall Double Eleven Beauty Cosmetics Sales Ranking and Consumer Research" released by Wayne Consulting, 46.8% of Tmall Double Eleven beauty cosmetics sales in 2018 came from pre-sales. Namely, the pre-sale contributed at least half of the Double Eleven’s success.

So, what are the highlights of this year's pre-sale of beauty makeup?

Faster - 7 beauty makeups are over billion in 10 minutes

Many years ago, the "billion club" of Tmall Double Eleven was still inaccessible for many brands. Nowadays, as the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers is constantly being ignited, the speed of beauty brands entering the "billion club" is getting faster and faster. According to Tmall's data, after Tmall's double-eleven pre-sale started this year, hundreds of brands pre-sale broke the peak value of Double Eleven last year and made Double Eleven 11 a success.

Among them, Origins’ one-minute pre-sale transaction exceeded the whole day of the same period last year. Lancome's two-minute pre-sale transaction exceeded that of the same period last year. Sisley, Lamer, L 'Oré al's 3-minute pre-sale transaction exceeded the full day of the same period last year. The 5-minute pre-sale transaction of Shu Uemura exceeded the whole day of the same period last year. SK-II, Olay Jo Malone 7-minute pre-sale transactions exceeded the full day of the same period last year; Guerlain, Kiehl's, Kerastase and L'Occitane sold more than all day long in the same period last year.

Moreover, within 10 minutes of the pre-sale opening, the turnover of 7 beauty brands, including Estee Lauder, Lancome, L 'Oré al, Shiseido, Helena Rubinstein, Olay and Whoo, exceeded 100 million yuan. Estee Lauder presold for 25 minutes and achieved trading volume of nearly 500 million yuan. It can be seen that under the upgrade of consumption, the speed of foreign brands intercepting consumers is more fierce than expected.

Sales of single products exploded, and eye cream and essence sold like hotcakes

Last year, there were many "phenomenal" items in the list of Tmall's pre-sale, such as Freeplus silk facial cleanser, Olay Light Perfecting Essence, Pechoin A-moment facial mask, Lancome Tonique Confort, etc. This year, these star items still show amazing explosive force.

This year's Double Eleven, 50 big names such as L 'Oré al and Estee Lauder joined hands with Tmall to promote home service, which has also become a major measure for Tmall to enhance the consumer experience in this year's Double Eleven. On the first day of pre-sale, L 'Oré al and Estee Lauder also took the lead. Among them, Estee Lauder's “little brown bottle” anti-blue eye cream sold out within 36 minutes after the opening of the pre-sale, with over 440,000 sold by the time of the pre-sale, making it the single product with the largest number sold on the first day, with the turnover exceeding 200 million yuan. In addition, the pre-sale sales of Estee Lauder little brown bottle essence exceeded 200,000, and the turnover of single products also exceeded 100 million yuan.

L 'Oré al anti-aging black facial essence and Revitalift Filler eye cream sold 400,000 and 300,000 respectively in advance, L 'Oré al Revitalift Replumping tissue mask and Revitalift Filler Renew night cream sold 160,000 and 110,000 respectively. In addition, Shiseido's Power Infusing Concentrate has pre-sold over 110,000 and the turnover of single products has also exceeded 100 million yuan.In contrast, Lancome's pre-sale situation is slightly inferior. In addition to the 200,000 pre-sales of Lancome Tonique Confort, there are 28,000 pre-sales of Lancome “little black bottle” face cream and 54,000 of  “little black bottle” eye cream.

Olay, who has been popular with nicotinamide for two consecutive years, has also performed well this year. By the end of the press release, over 410,000 Olay Light Perfecting Essence, 360,000 Olay Spot Fading Essence and 120,000 Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream had been pre-sold. The pre-sale volume of the three single items added up to over 200 million yuan.

Double Eleven is dominated by the major groups

According to the "2018 Tmall Double Eleven Beauty and Cosmetic Sales Ranking and Consumer Research" released by Wayne Consulting, TOP5 brands in beauty and cosmetics sales last year were all international brands, and 71.2% of the sales came from international brands. This year, international brands are still in the lead on the first day of pre-sale and are in a trend of centralization. Double Eleven has become a world of large groups.

On the other hand, the internet sensation brands or single products that had sprung up before have shown signs of being out-of-date. Last year, in the battle between domestic and international beauty makeup brands, the new ingredient skin-care product HomeFacialPro(HFP) entered the TOP10 list of all-network skin-care cosmetics for the first time, ranking 7th and becoming the strongest dark horse of the 2018 Double Eleven. It is reported that HFP had joined Tmall brand "billion club" in the early morning of that day. However, in 2019 pre-sale, the volume of HFP nicotinamide stock solution, which claims to sell one bottle every 1.5 seconds in 2018, was only 4,278, while the volume of oligopeptide stock solution, which reached an average of 1 bottle per second last year, was 13,000, and the well-received calendula soothing toner and oligosaccharide moisturizing lotion were 17,000 and 16,000 respectively.

With a daily order of 900,000, WIS ranks among the TOP10 in personal care cosmetics sales. WIS, which emerged from many big names last year, has only pre-sold 15,000 moisturizers masks. The Proya bubble mask, which is the most popular and explosive facial mask in this summer and has a monthly sales record of over 1 million and a single product sales record of over 100 million, also has a tendency to stall. 
In addition, in this year's pre-sale, domestic brands and Korean makeup also appear weak. which is far from the pre-sales data of brands such as 3CE and Maybelline.

In Korea makeup, the pre-sale of Whoo gift boxes exceeded 110,000, with a pre-sale amount of nearly 200 million yuan. Sulwhasoo moisturizing essence and skin-care gift boxes are pre-sold in 30,000 and 34,000 respectively. The pre-sale of Innisfree, Laneige and other brands is even less than ideal, which is quite dismal compared with European, American and Japanese brands.

At present, it seems that European, American and Japanese brands have won Tmall's Double Eleven and are widening the gap with Korean makeup and new brands. However, there are still two weeks to go before the opening of the official Double Eleven – dark horses still have a chance to run out. 

by @霜淇淋 (Shuangqilin)