Here is the summary of what type of ads and website content are not allowed to advertise online.

1. Fraud and illegal advertising that involves orientation issues, political sensitivities, damage to national interests, infringement of personal privacy and personal information, and jeopardizing data security;

2. Advertisements containing sensitive information such as state organs, government employees, national heroes, national flag and national emblem;

3. Fraud and illegal advertisements that endanger the personal health and safety from food, diet food, medical care, medicines, medical equipment;

4. Fraud and illegal advertisements such as unauthorised financial investment, collections or commemorative coins which deceive misleading consumer content and harm the interests of the public;

5. Advertisements that against good social practices, such as sexual content, pornography, adult live-stream and adult dating, which are suspected of being vulgar, spreading sexual transactions, and improperly date matching;

6. Fraud and illegal advertisements that are impeding public order, causing adverse social impacts, or impairing the physical and mental health of the minor groups;

7. Advertisement involving offline fraudulent, brand infringement, overcharged car repairing/appliance repairing/mobile phone repairing;

8. Advertisement involving gambling, feudal superstition, horror or violent online games, destiny changing and immortal;

9. Misleading advertisements on travel services, education and training, visa agency, and people positioning that contains falsely exaggerated, fraudulent and causing misunderstandings by consumers;

10. Other fraud and illegal advertisements that has strong negativeness from the public;