The generation of young people between the ages of 18 and 23 has fully enjoyed the material growth, education level improvement and urbanization. This young generation has grown up in the environment of the Internet and social media since childhood. 2022 Douyin Youth Observation Report collected data and analyzed the favorite contents, preferred consumption methods and concepts, interest trends, and hobby activities of the young people.

Free soul

Nearly half of young people between the ages of 18 and 23 are still in school. On the other hand, among the working population, most of the youth choose freelance careers. Today's young people no longer prefer to work for a company, instead they prefer freelance work.

Life in lower-tier cities is less stressful, and young people here are more willing to choose free and comfortable jobs. Some of them become freelancers, and some young people live comfortably as full-time wives or full-time husbands.

Social interaction

Young people's attitudes towards social interaction are more dependent on the social atmosphere. They talk a lot when they feel comfortable, and stay silent when they don't feel so. A huge number of surveys showed that nearly half of young people believe that the biggest source of social anxiety lies in caring about the opinions of others.

Young people who experience social anxiety choose to watch videos related to green plants, flower arrangements and pets on Douyin as a relief strategy. The search volume on keywords such as "green plants", "plants", and "flower arrangement" have a large year-on-year growth rate from January to May 2022.

Sports have also become a new way of socializing for young people. Outdoor sports have strong social attributes, and play an extremely important role in the social and sports needs of young people. One of the most popular sports nowadays, Frisbee, quickly became popular among young people in the first half of 2022. In May 2022, the search volume for "frisbee" increased by 6 times compared with April.

Lifestyle content creator

Young people have the desire to share. More than two-thirds of them regularly share their photos and videos on social platforms. In fact, they are not afraid to express themselves, record their lives on social platforms, and create high-quality content. Nearly two-thirds of young people post photos, plogs, vlogs, etc. on social platforms to show their real life. Surveys found that more than 10% of young people have been able to convert online traffic and make money, and most of them are male users. The Internet is no longer a virtual world as young people are getting better at using the convenience of the Internet to get income.

More than half of the young people have live broadcast experience. More than 20% of them are preparing for the live broadcast to sell goods in Douyin. Another 12% of the people managed to earn money from live broadcasts. This trend shows that live broadcasting has become a priority choice for young people whether it is to earn extra money or as a career.