2022 Top 50 potential business value of the digital human:

There are more exposure to digital humans in 2022, for example the appearance of digital humans in New Year's Eve, social platforms and even daily services. At present, according to the classification of technology, digital humans can be divided into algorithm-driven and human-driven; according to visual dimension, digital humans can be divided into 2D type and 3D type; while according to business model classification, digital humans can be divided into service-oriented digital human and art performing. But no matter what kind of digital human, the production of digital humans needs to go through three steps, namely image generation, animation generation and voice generation, so as to give the digital human the ability to look, act and talk.

With the rise of new consumer groups, consumption is no longer just to satisfy material desires, but more people expect a deep connection and emotional communication with brands. Thus, the emergence of digital humans can help to create content production and perform marketing activities. All in all, digital humans have undergone profound changes to fit with the brand's image and personality. Nowadays, digital humans can perform live broadcasts, help with marketing activities, make movies, and can serve as customer service and even make friends.