When you search for a keyword, Baidu will put all the advertisements, or its Baijiahao on the homepage, which will lead you to go to Baidu Bid. Baidu bidding is a way to promote the company's products and services on the Baidu search engine platform in the form of keywords. It is a new and mature search engine advertising that pays for results. With a small amount of investment, a large number of potential customers can be brought to the enterprise, which can effectively increase the sales of the enterprise. PPC (Pay-per-click) is a pay-for-performance network promotion method, first launched by Baidu in China. After purchasing this service, enterprises can register a certain number of keywords, and their promotional information will first appear in the corresponding search results of netizens.

On top of that, Baidu has also set up some of its own sub-products for additional charging. For example Baidu B2B, Baidu will rank a lot of products on Baidu B2B homepage. Thus, in order to stand out among competitors, enterprises will need to pay to rank their products on Baidu B2B homepage. Besides, Baidu has another educational app, which is Baidu Xue. If the enterprises are involved in the educational field, the enterprise will have to pay in order to rank on Baidu Xue on top of the Baidu Bid.