1.Catchy title

Select keywords that are relevant to the content, and the title should be as interesting as possible to catch attention.

2.Post structure

Choose trending topics as themes with SEO keywords, structure the post with relevant points.

3.Ending article

Some of the behavioral traits such as exposure, number of reads, likes, favorites, comments, repost, @ are important points to get feedback from the users. The end of the article is a guide mainly to remind the user of the next action.

4.User’s comments

When users read articles or browse videos in Xiaohongshu, normally the users will click to see the comment area out of curiosity to see what other people think about it. Therefore, the maintenance of the comment area is very important.

5.User interaction

In 2019, the official issued a notice against exchanging “likes” and “shares”, which can also be extended to the reading of related accounts. When the number of views is relatively large, the official can also detect it. 


The exposure mechanism of Xiaohongshu has two major systems, one is a personalized recommendation mechanism, and the other is a search mechanism. When the personalized recommendation is relatively weak, it will not reach a wide audience. Thus, if the keywords have been optimized, there is still a chance for the post to be searched by users. Therefore, good content with keyword optimization has a chance to become a hot article over time. Of course, this is not determined by a single factor only. 


When doing Xiaohongshu marketing, multi-account linkage strategies such as Xiaohongshu enterprise account, personal account, and Xiaohongshu brand partner account must be owned. By having multiple accounts, the content can be better classified ideally on which account to publish to get more exposure and interaction. If you want to get results faster, you can choose to cooperate with Xiaohongshu bloggers to save the time of operating your own account besides strengthening the marketing effect.

8.Publish time

Choose the traffic peaks to publish your posts in Xiaohongshu to reach a wider audience.
Weekdays: morning, noon, and evening are traffic peaks (around 7-8 in the morning; around 12-14 at noon; around 20-23 in the evening); 
Holidays/ Weekends: Peak traffic throughout the day