The emergence of new consumer brands

An important background for the emergence of new brands lies in the differentiation of product categories, the diversification of consumer demands, scenarios, and self-expression. The growth of new consumer brands has been shortened from two years to one year now.

By discovering the new needs of people, using the new contact media, coupled with the acceleration of capital, can help brands to reach the consumer side with higher efficiency. There is limitless to human curiosity, which will continue to motivate human beings to create new brands.

How do new brands achieve business sustainability?

A good product is an expression of the values behind a great brand. There are two things to identify in order to create a long-lasting brand, which is the identification of the point of parity and point of differentiation. The transformation of a brand is established when the popular products have created customer trust and brand loyalty.
How can new brands create unbreachable moats?

New brands have to ensure that when the upstream value reaches the benchmark, it is necessary to increase the downstream operating capacity besides creating downstream value. Different industries have different core driving points. Innovation is the driving force to achieve competitive advantages. From the long-term perspective of brand building, the fundamental of building a moat is to be close to the consumer's needs.

What are the target markets for new consumers?

Brands should get rid of the idea of defining the target market by demographic group, instead, brands should work to understand the “ideology” behind these populations.
Besides, the undervalued senior citizens have strong market potential. It is necessary to understand the needs and pursuits of these elderly groups. Nevertheless, a good product that is delivered to the elderly must meet the life scenarios and payment methods of this target market.

What are the market trends in 2022?

It is expected that there will be more emerging brands that can bring good products, solve our problems, and at the same time bring new ideas and discoveries to our lives, which can create interesting added values to us. 

All in all, brands should be open to understanding the needs of customers without bias and create positive values and positive energy for the customers.