Source : Statista -Average daily browsing time per visitor on the leading search engine sites in China as of February 2021 (in seconds)

There are many ways for a user to be redirected to the Sogou search engine for their searches.

Sogou can help us to reach a large traffic from Sogou input, QQ browser, Sogou browser, as well as Sohu. com. It has also reached formal cooperation with Zhihu and Wechat. All in all, it owns a market share of 18.3 % in terms of mobile searches. Sogou has also reached strategic alliances with 21 mobile brands including Oppo, Xiaomi and Lenovo, that is more than 95% of mobile phone manufacturers in China. With more than 464 million daily active users, users of Sogou input can also be redirected easily to the Sougo search engine for more information on relevant products and services.

Sogou advertising covers both mobile and desktop users.

When users get to the search engine via QQ, QQ mobile browser, Sougo mobile browser and the Zhihu app on mobile. We can display pictures, text descriptions and links for free to introduce our company and products to users.  When users perform their searches on QQ browser, Sogou browser, on their desktop, the search engine will analyse their searched keywords just to push keywords and contents that are closely related to their searches. What is even better is that we will be able to choose our target location, advertising time to target the right traffic.

It is free for us to display our ad – much cheaper than other products from the same category

It is free to display our ads on Sogou. We only have to pay whenever someone has clicked on it. More importantly, advertising with Sogou PPC advertising can help us to get the ranking we want at a cheaper price when compared to products of the same category.

When we search on Bing, we will find that its ads are sourced from Sogou

Microsoft Bing and Sogou have reached formal cooperation in 2016 in which Bing agreed to support Sougo with its technology development for English searches and Sogou in return agreed to become the source for the ads displayed on Bing.

We can also explore different types of ads on sogou as below to get better ranking and more website traffic.  

 1. Search ads

There are a total of eight channels where users will be able to see search ads including but not limited to Sogou search, QQ browser, Tencent mobile and text, links and images will be displayed to show users details of your company and products. The ad will be placed in a sport where it is easily noticeable and the Sougo will only charge us if someone has clicked on the ad.

2. Ads on Sogou input

Sogou input will spot the needs of its users intelligently via their searches and chats to recommend contents that are relevant to them. The Sogou input may then push relevant Baike pages, the latest news related to their searches and a list of products and services an user is interested in.

3. News feed ads

Sogou news feed ads is a form of images incorporated native ad. It will appear in the information flow of  Sogou’s core products including apps such as  “Sogou searches”, ” today’s top 10″, “Sogou browser ” and “Sogou Chinese input”.

 4. Opening an account with Sogou

First thing first, we need to make sure we have all the necessary documentations required. For example, we will need our company’s business licence, advertisement approval . Secondly, we need to make sure our brand and product packaging  are appealing enough to our audience.

It is better to find a local agency for an optimized result.

It is free to display our ads on Sougo and the minimum CPC for a keyword is 10 Chinese Dime.