ByteDance, one of the fast growing Chinese internet giant, owns 5 core content platforms, Toutiao, XiGua Videos, Douyin (TikTok), Huoshan, Wukong Wenda (Wukong Q&A). They are already interconnected with video content.


Content production need to make commercial sense. In other words, after the creators publish advertising videos on one platform, they can realize transformation on the five platforms at the same time.


The five major platforms have gradually realized the content intercommunication. According to TikTok account display, recently, the official is asking the quality writer to join the "Fans + Campaign" - Toutiao is synced to the 5 platforms of the headlines. Meanwhile, XiGua Vedios official also launched the video synchronization and TikTok function through the official announcement of Toutiao. At present, Toutiao is only targeting some authors, and will be released to all authors in the future.


Some industry insiders pointed out that there will be more in-depth traffic interworking between the five platforms of Toutiao. For example, adds a Tab to the entrance of the XiGua Videos, which is like the current home page of the Toutiao account, includes Toutiao, XiGua Videos, Douyin (TikTok) and Wukong Wenda, one speculated.


Toutiao's five major platforms in July last year had the precursor to achieving interoperability. At that time, the massive business of the giant engine's business content intelligent transaction and management platform "Xingtu" completed an important upgrade, that is, simultaneous Douyin, XiGua Videos and Huoshan Videos, and the customers (brand master) could directly share the content with the three platforms of the daring people and agencies through the Xingtu trading.


Based on this, brands, service providers and experts in the industry generally express their understanding and expectation for the new action of content exchange of various platforms.


"It's a good thing to get through the technical level of the product implementation of Toutiao system, which means that the flow plate with ByteDance is getting bigger and bigger, and the traffic of each platform is closely linked, and the user's behavior track on each major platform is recorded. Based on these data, it is more advantageous for brand merchants and talents to do marketing. " A head shaking voice MCN TikTok pointed out.


However, some expert also mentioned a problem: the technology level of the Toutiao system platform is open, and users / traffic can basically be regarded as mobile and interconnected, but there is a certain gap between the creators and MCN. "The KOL with TikTok is more reluctant to shift positions easily than the head. The official access to the platforms means more distribution channels to them." He explained.


Tiktok, XiGua Vedios, and other platforms are all Toutiao's, but each platform has different tonality. The KOL / content creator may not be able to "eat" every platform.


He cited an example of this: "XiGua Videos is a long screen video, and TikTok is a short vertical video. After the two synchronization, the user experience is not particularly good. There is also a need to find a balance and harmony between multiple platforms. " It is TikTok that the content of XiGua Videos synchronization to the shaking platform is still horizontal, and the content needs no deletion. The video switch is consistent with the TikTok (skip up and down).


In addition, some senior e-commerce practitioners believe that, in addition to the adaptation of user products, it is also necessary to consider whether commercial products can be connected to get through Toutiao. "At present, the commercial products of Toutiao are mainly concentrated in three aspects: traffic exposure, content marketing and guiding jump. The product direction is roughly the same, but there is still a long way to go in terms of background system, operation process and product interoperability." So said the person.


Nowadays, ByteDance and its major traffic platforms are facing a big challenge, but also a major opportunity. The competition among Internet giants often brings new leaping space for businesses.