Nowadays in China, the competition among offline education centers is fierce. The trillions of market scale has formed an unprecedented competitive situation. On the level market, eminent growth in subject training, vocational training and quality-oriented education.

• In 2019, there were as high as 504 new centers in the educational training industry. Among them, subject training, quality- oriented education and vocational training are the three categories that have increased by over 10% in store numbers.

• As the market size is continuously growing, the competition is becoming fiercer as well. The nationwide ratio of new centers to closed ones is 1.75:1.


Chinese education market size (Data Source: iyiou & Deloitte China)


Distribution of Education Centers (Data Source: iyiou & Deloitte China)


Setbacks for education centers including the fierce competition, difficulty in capturing the conversion rate, relatively low operation efficiency and increasing costs. For many of education centers, it’s becoming harder to get customers, as brands with lower publicity have difficulties in attracting customers. Monopolies exist in all categories, making the competition fiercer. Moreover, with few customer acquisition scenes, there is lack of online entrances and offline approaches.


Education institutions also need to face the problem of low conversion rate and low efficiency. As uneven quality of leads makes it hard to guarantee the effects, acquiring customers through channels costs high and has low conversion rate.

And the complicated process of online advertising makes it difficult to improve the advertising effects and no way to start.


Combine Baidu searching and information flow of online and offline traffic scenes, education center could acquire target customers comprehensively. Education center achieve multi-scene customer acquisition from Baidu Ads, which means more exposure and traffic resource. Content distribution helps obtain more exposure opportunities, better content marketing, increase user conversion rates and attract more potential users.


Promotion of on-site centers are based on the best advertising, which shows strategies for local center within service areas. Zhiliao Haoxue could be a good example here.

Product promotion by on-site centers can attract potential customers so as to gain sales leads, attract on-site consumption and increase the popularity of the businesses. At the same time, tailored to local conditions, it helps chain brands to promote multiple stores fast.


Through using the strategy of Baidu Ads, multi-scenario coverage, precision targeting and content distribution made the new front for customer education. Baidu Ads also help for brand Congregation--draw attention: Improve conversion rate Congregate the screens and advertise in multiple scenarios, increases brand popularity and attracts customers to the centers.


Through Baidu Ads, education institution has solved the problem that traditional advertising can't solve and making high conversion rate and high efficiency ads possible


Ref: Baidu Business Product Operation Department