Current Development of Online Hotel Reservation Industry in China

1. China’s online hotel reservation market continues to grow, with huge potential in online rate compared with developed markets such as Europe, US and Japan.
2. The accelerated expansion of supply side resources will lead to the number of hotel rooms in China exceeding 20 million in 2019.
3. China’s per capita GDP is expected to exceed $10,000 in 2019, accelerating the increase of new tourists and boosting the demand for hotel reservations.
4. In the first half of 2019, local orders have continued to increase, with Q2 orders accounting for more than 30%.

User Research for Online Hotel Reservation Industry in China

1. The age composition of Chinese online hotel reservation users has changed, with post 90s and post 00s becoming the main consumers.
2. Online hotel reservation has continued to penetrate in county level markets, with "small town areas" registering multiple growth.
3. Young users’ strong willingness to buy, diverse needs and multiple scenarios for consumption drive the growth of online hotel reservation.
4. Young users’ needs and scenarios for online hotel reservation are becoming increasingly diversified and personalized.