According to World Finance, the economic voice of the CCTV (Central Radio and Television) Station, the 2019 International QR Code Industry Development Conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Reporters learned from the conference that China's QR code application now accounts for more than 90% of the world's total. At the same time, the global QR code industry chain is also accelerating. Experts call for accelerating the standardization of the QR code industry.

QR code industry scale will reach trillion level
Nowadays, from shopping malls to street stalls, QR codes are almost all necessary tools for collection and payment. According to the report of China Payment and Clearing Association, the most common mobile payment method used by Chinese users is code scanning payment.
In fact, China has entered the era of code scanning, and the application of QR codes is not limited to payment. Since last year, all new pesticides are required to attach QR codes to their package to trace the information. This is also widely used in food, cosmetics and other fields.
In addition, QR code anti-counterfeiting, QR code access control system, QR code billing are common. Zhang Chao, president of Zhongguancun Gongxin QR Code Technology Research Institute, said that China's application of QR codes has accounted for more than 90% of the world's total. Zhang Chao said: "From the perspective of industrial chain, it is at least a trillion-level industry. Although China is not the birthplace of QR code technology, China has become the largest application country of it. By the first half of 2018, it can be said that more than 90% of the QR code applications in the world are in China. "

QR code is the "ID card" of all things

Wang Ning, President of china electronic chamber of commerce, pointed out that in the 5G era, the role of QR codes will become more prominent, and countries around the world have noticed this trend. Wang Ning said: "As an important entrance to the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, QR codes are permeating all fields of the national economy and social life. Therefore, the development of the QR code has been highly valued by all countries in the world. Many countries are developing and studying the core technology of the QR code, and the layout of the QR code industry chain is gradually forming. ”

The QR code industry is far from being as simple as mobile phone code scanning. Zhang Chao believes that it has great room for expansion. Especially after the QR code becomes the "ID card" of all things, it will pull the research and development and production of related equipment. Zhang Chao said: "You need to hit QR codes onto smaller objects, which requires high-end coding equipment. Is this a big industry? After typing the code, we need to scan the code for verification, which also requires fast reading. There may be a need for high-end reading chips, and everyone will focus on this as a supporting industry. "

QR code needs standardisation

During the 2019 International QR Code Industry Development Conference, representatives from 14 countries including China, France and Germany unanimously agreed to formally establish the Preparatory Committee for the International QR Code Industry Cooperation Organization, which is an important step in the construction of the QR code international standard system. Zhang Xiaogang, former chairman of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), said that standards are the basis for industrial development, the prerequisite for intercommunication in various fields, and the basis for mutual recognition and cooperation among nations. A coordinated and unified QR code international standard will be conducive to global trade integration and convenient development.

by @吕红桥 (Lv Hongqiao)