February 14, with the arrival of Valentine's Day, WeChat also quietly increased the amount of one-on-one red envelope, the Tencent technology test, one to one red envelope has been raised to the maximum amount of 520 yuan.

This is not the first WeChat set the amount of red envelopes for surprising, last May 20, "WeChat Red Envelope," announced a statement saying the ordinary one-to-one red envelope to adjust the maximum amount of 520 yuan, during the day May 20, 2016.

WeChat red envelope quietly upgrade one-to-one red envelope amount can be issued up to 520 yuan.

May 20, because of its homonym "I love you" sought after by users, as a lover or friend to express their love in the special day, WeChat red envelope has become a way to celebrate this event online.

WeChat one-to-one red envelope usually the maximum amount of 200 yuan, but with the arrival of Valentine's Day,  WeChat Red Envelope quietly provides users another way to express their love.