1. Create contrast

Using familiar words to describe those familiar things is not a good idea to create breakthroughs in social media. Social networkers like dramatic content which is in contrast to daily routine life. Contrast contents are breaking people's inherent cognition, bringing some new cognition and surprises, and can arouse users' curiosity and desire to explore.

Brands can either use unfamiliar words to talk about widely familiar things or to use familiar words to describe new things.

To manage social media, we must cultivate "reverse thinking", that is to break some routines, put forward contrast views and create conflicts. Bringing surprise and unexpected things will subvert the conventional cognition of the audience and arouse interest.

2. Create curiosity with relevant content to the readers

There are countless contents on social media, readers only have less than a second to scan and read the title, and decide whether they will continue reading the content or skip the content. This is the current situation of social media content.

What are the contents that the audience might be interested in? Here are 2 types of thinking models behind each user.

1) Fulfil my curiosity

Curiosity is one of the internal core motives of human behaviour and the most reliable topic selection on content creation. Human curiosity is endless.

All the unknown, new knowledge, subversive innovation, skills improvement, knowledge expansion, suspense and etc. are easy to arouse people's interest.

2) Is it related to “me”?

People always care about the content related to themselves on social media. In such an era of super scarcity of attention, content with a strong relation to the users will have more chances to win engagements. Regardless of whether the content is in the form of video, audio, graphic or article, we should always spot the "me" element and show the user how it's relevant.

3. Give a personality

The users who were born in the 90s, 95s and even 00s are increasingly becoming the main consumption force of major internet platforms. Businesses are now working to capture the interest of this youth group. What do young people like? It may not necessarily have to be a big brand name, but more importantly, it is a brand that they recognize and feel personalized.

The same is true for social media operations. One of the biggest changes in the social media era is the personification of the platform to be more human. When you have shortcomings, it is easier to shorten the distance with users and have a more complete personality.

4. Create excitement

If you want to have more sharing, first of all, the content itself should be of high quality. This is the basis of everything and the most exciting point.
Then, your content needs to have more exciting points to share. Just like selling a product, we need to have clear selling points. If we want to spread an article, what are the "selling points" that readers can share?

Think about following questions:

  • Can my content provide readers with conversation topics?
  • Can my contents help readers express their thoughts, say what they want to say in their heart, and express their thoughts that have been kept at the bottom of their hearts after sharing?
  • Can my content help readers shape and strengthen the social image they want after sharing?
  • Can my content be shared by readers to help their friends, family and colleagues complete altruistic actions?
  • After sharing my content, can the readers look more powerful, powerful and rich... Can they participate in the social competition?

These are effective means to induce social sharing and can help readers to better establish their ideal image in social media relationships.

5. Having a sharp point of view is the tipping point

Sharp views and unique opinions have always been the most favourite social media content. Many topics may be selected from the same angle, the hot spots may be the same, and the story may be the same, but the novel point of view is unique.

However, the personal point of view is the sharp weapon to promote readers to resonate and share, and often the point of view is the tipping point. Many articles are popular because they have new views and make great efforts to explore new insights into life.

People's favourite topics have never changed, but you need to have a distinct point of view and attitude on the same topic. The unique point of view is the explosive point.

6. Pay attention to self-expression and user needs

As social media operators, we should have our own attitude. Everyone is emphasizing that we should have a personality and form our own unique style, which is self-expression.
However, self-expression is not a monologue. It is the middle area between user needs and yourself. If you want to know your positioning, you should also consider what kind of users you want to attract and the corresponding user needs. A happy and relaxed platform should constantly tap the intersection between self-expression and user needs.

7. Learn to position yourself reasonably

The views you express and the content you write must first have a certain quality. However, this force should not be too high. It can be kept slightly higher than the cognition and knowledge of the target readers.

In this way, readers can obtain continuous satisfaction, surprise and identity.

8. There should be enough reasons to catch users attention, and the threshold is low

You should provide enough reasons for new people to pay attention. Needless to say, the content itself should be of high quality. The next is the verticality and continuity of your official account. If the new user sees your article as of good quality, the new users will read the previous article. If the new users find that your content is messy, the new users will probably not pay any attention to it for a few months.

Some official accounts often love to do serial articles, so that new users are satisfied with an article, and naturally, they will be concerned about the series of articles that they want to keep watching. Some public official accounts will do the next notice.

In general, your content must provide sufficient and attractive reasons to catch users’ attention. In addition to that, the lower the threshold of the social media content, the greater the traffic will get attracted.

9. Having good titles

Naturally, there is no need to say more about the importance of a good title. It is estimated that all the top social media teams in China are studying how to write the title better.

In other words, it is not to "write" better titles, but to "screen out" better titles. If you want the title to work better, don't rely on someone's judgment:

  • Write 10 titles based on one topic (depending on the team)
  • Based on my experience in tweeting titles in the past, compare the titles and choose five.
  • Send the titles to the fan group and ask for votes.
  • Combine, optimize and finalize the title according to the voting results and everyone's feedback.

Learn more about "how to write catchy headlines

10. Social media management is never just about writing a post

At the beginning of social media operation, most of them do not need to have a deep understanding of products, sales logic and brands.

Now, businesses are more result-oriented and performance-oriented, requiring fine operation and marketing. You have to have a deeper understanding of the product and business logic, pay attention to the conversion rate and strategic effect, and pay more attention to product and marketing thinking. I have always felt that these are the core abilities that social media operators should have, but now they are more needed than ever before.

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