Load your website fast in China. High Speed Chinese Cloud Web Server (Standard)

from £ 1200 /Year

About This Offer

High-Performance Cloud Servers Help You Grow and Maximize Your Business in China. 

Challenges: Often the oversea business faces challenges of their website infrastructure when connecting to China :

  - Potential Chinese users having slow connection when visiting oversea websites which are hosted outside Mainland China.

  - Businesses need a Chinese local server in order to apply for ICP certificate (government-issued license to allow the websites to run in China).

  - There is no one to ensure the web infrastructure is set up in the correct way in China.

Now we offer the future proof Chinese cloud web server which enables you to deliver your website directly in front of Chinese users' devices. 

Chinese Web Server Specifications (Basic):

CPU: 2 Core Intel Skylake Xeon Platinum 8163, 2.5GHz


Storage: 40GB

OS: Linux

Key Features: 

- Achieve Faster Performance: 

Deploy on I/O-optimized instances with fast memory, 99.999999999% data reliability, and the latest Intel CPUs

- Protect and Backup Your Data:

Safeguard your data with free Anti-DDoS Basic service, automatic snapshots, and triplicated backups.

- Unrivalled Performance For China:

Deploy from multiple regions in Mainland China and receive ICP license application support (additional service) to deploy your website.

- High data reliability and service availability:

Instance availability up to 99.95% and cloud disk data reliability no less than 99.9999999%

- Annual/Monthly Subscription Available:

Comfortable and flexible to any small to middle size businesses. 

- Dedicate IP Address from China:

All the server will be assigned to a dedicated IP address. Unlike shared hosting servers, your website is segmented from other clients' server. 

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